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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

He was all alone. He was in a long decline.

Thinking how happy John Henry was when he laid down that hammer and he died.

Congratulations to my mother, Karen Westerholm of Eiledon Briards, and her big beautiful boy Ch. Eiledon's Tison de Lindeau, who went Best of Breed at the Buck's County Kennel Club show on Saturday. And was pulled in group.

He's two and a half. That dog is going places.


In other news, Don has Plot Jewelry now.

"I do whatever this ring the freaky witch on Central Park West gave me tells me to do"

I think I liked him better when his rice crispies were talking to him.

Progress notes for 9 May 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 1064
Total Words: 67,229
Pages: 304

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
67,229 / 160,000

Reason for stopping: work
Mammalian Assistance: dogpoking
Stimulants: herbal tea
Exercise: Gothercise planned for later.
Mail: Hee. Well, dispensed with that already, didn't we?
Today's words Word don't know: laddered, minotaur
Tyop du jour: A clack-haired girl with Snow White skin (still all about the hair)
Darling du jour: Matthew disentangled himself from the devil
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver;
Interesting research tidbits of the day: Um. Well, I looked at lots of pictures of Greenwich Village. I hate writing cities I don't live in. Even if you more or less know a place, it's much easier to write it well when you can jump out of your chair and go look at the thing you're describing, and sit there and feel the air, and remind yourself how it smells.
Other writing-related work: Talked to my new editor. Wheee!


Briards are beautiful. What a gorgeous boy.
Congrats to mom and dog! (Some of those puppies look wicked cute and snuggly, too.)
It's raining here today, off and on. I was out positioning plants in a new plot, to see how they sit together, and I wiped my muddy hands on a patch of grass and clover that was silvery with rain. It was cool and, of course, wet, and softer than any fabric.
I really love knowing you.
Thank you. I kind of enjoy it, too. *grin*
Well, I trust what rice crispies say more than what jewelry does.

Those is Big Doggies!

And quite handsome too.

NICE doggie!

Er, your mom might want to doublecheck the sourcecode for the link to her homepage ON her homepage -- if you click on your link to Eiledon Briards and then click on their link to "Home", you go to a 404 Not Found thingie:-)

And something seems odd, continuity-wise, on the page about puppy food, where it seems to be recommending against certain chewy animal byproducts.
At least it seemed to have dropped a verb or some such when I looked at it
when you first posted this entry

(what do I know,
I'm a cat person anyhoo?)

I'll let her know. *g*
Those who can, write.
Those who can't, proofread.

No no, that can't be right. 8-)


Writing places you don't live in

"A well-known Midwestern writer sent us a story about a man in the Nevada desert. The writer described the intense heat vividly, saying that the humidity was unbearable." Kristine Katherine Rusch.

Places you've lived in are a bit harder to get wrong. But: I used to live in New York City. Some things are the same. But: the daily paper which was then farthest left is now farthest right.

It's easy enough to see how a place looks, these days -- there are webcams all over. And you can get traffice reports, weather reports, etc. But that does still leave out a lot.

Re: Writing places you don't live in

Sometimes it's hard to write about places you used to live. I, too, used to live in NYC. My main character starts there, and it was so easy to take locations for granted. I had to look at pictures to think what details to write.
I have to tell you that this line:

Thinking how happy John Henry was when he laid down that hammer and he died.

Practically gave me a heart attack yesterday (me, superstitious? No-o-o-o-o.). Not your fault, obviously, but jeez...what're the odds.

John Henry (my ten year old Rottweiler, for anyone who doesn't know) had his leg amputated yesterday because he has bone cancer. He's doing okay so far (I'll get to see him today)

I will post more details on my blog sometime soon, but for now I have declared a moratorium on the words 'John Henry' and 'died' in the same sentence. Tell your friends. :-}

Oh, dear.

Terribly sorry.

Best wishes for John Henry's speedy recovery--I was quoting a line of a song, Gillian Welch's Elvis Presley Blues.

Yes, I figured (that you were quoting a song). I enjoy your quotes--sometimes they're familiar and sometimes they're brand new.

It gave me quite the turn when I read this one, though, since he was in surgery at that exact moment. He's doing okay so far (in fact, I just this minute talked to his vet student who says he's doing excellent and good and can go home tomorrow...)

I hope he's home safe and recovering!
He came home this morning. And he's doing okay, I think. We'll see how it all goes from here.
And, BTW, congrats to your mom and the pretty boy :-) That's awesome!

I showed Billie a few times in conformation when she was younger--turns out her brother is prettier, though--she is merely petite and charming :-)

Thank you!

Conformation showing is so much work. I totally respect anybody who goes in for it.