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He was all alone. He was in a long decline.

Thinking how happy John Henry was when he laid down that hammer and he died.

Congratulations to my mother, Karen Westerholm of Eiledon Briards, and her big beautiful boy Ch. Eiledon's Tison de Lindeau, who went Best of Breed at the Buck's County Kennel Club show on Saturday. And was pulled in group.

He's two and a half. That dog is going places.


In other news, Don has Plot Jewelry now.

"I do whatever this ring the freaky witch on Central Park West gave me tells me to do"

I think I liked him better when his rice crispies were talking to him.

Progress notes for 9 May 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 1064
Total Words: 67,229
Pages: 304

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
67,229 / 160,000

Reason for stopping: work
Mammalian Assistance: dogpoking
Stimulants: herbal tea
Exercise: Gothercise planned for later.
Mail: Hee. Well, dispensed with that already, didn't we?
Today's words Word don't know: laddered, minotaur
Tyop du jour: A clack-haired girl with Snow White skin (still all about the hair)
Darling du jour: Matthew disentangled himself from the devil
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver;
Interesting research tidbits of the day: Um. Well, I looked at lots of pictures of Greenwich Village. I hate writing cities I don't live in. Even if you more or less know a place, it's much easier to write it well when you can jump out of your chair and go look at the thing you're describing, and sit there and feel the air, and remind yourself how it smells.
Other writing-related work: Talked to my new editor. Wheee!

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