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Who by high ordeal? Who by common trial?

Attention Everyone!

Go tell chancewrites that of course she should accept my Campbell for me, on the off chance that I win one. Otherwise, I'll have to ask autopope to do it, and then we run the risk of a Hugo group photo that's just Charlie standing in the middle of an otherwise empty stage, bristling with plaques and rocketships like some bizarre Scottish nuclear hedgehog.

Alternately, all the Amis who are Campbell-nominated could get Charlie to promise to stand up for them, and then, as tanaise described it:

[06:46] tanaise: It'll be the Campbell's section of the seating, and it'll just be him.
[06:47] tanaise: Of course, that would make great tv.
[06:47] tanaise: Him sitting there, hunched nervously. Nibbling on his fingernails.
[06:47] matociquala: As the camera moves from expectant face to expectant face
[06:47] matociquala: and they're all Charlie
[06:48] tanaise: they say the name, he leaps to his feet for a victory dance, etc.
[06:48] matociquala: It's like Being John Malkovitch
[06:48] tanaise: Then cut to the podium, where he pulls out his notes, starts reading, stops, shuffles, and starts again with the right thank you speech.


Today is fibromyalgia awareness day. You probably know somebody who suffers from it.

Tobias S. Buckell has posted the cover for his forthcoming novel, Crystal Rain. 'Cause everything's better with zeppelins. Yes.

via the_monkey_king: Michelangelo Buonarroti Said:

ursulav has Fun With Fledgelings:

The house finches are the most graceful of the bunch--and I use the term loosely--presumably requiring less landing space, but even so, they'll land on the feeder and continue to flap madly for a few seconds--"Am I down? I don't know if I'm down! OHGODIFISTOPFLAPPINGILLFALLINHOTLAVA!"*

ETA: A weird species of rodent, totally new to science, has been discovered on sale in a southeast Asian food market.
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