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Sleeping on the interstate

The SFF grapevine in action:

From Andrew Burt via Ellen Datlow via Bob Silverberg via Harry Harrison: "Harlan reports that [Bob] Sheckley [currently hospitalized in Ukraine] has regained consciousness and is off the respirator."

It's kind of an awesome thing, isn't it?


pecunium talks about one tough mother. (Which is to say, sourdough starter. slithytove, you may wish to have a look.)

I've re-enabled anonymous comments, after some thought. I will deal with the casino spam. It's not like a little more spam is going to kill me.



copperwise with a three minute activism request:

If you, reading this, are so inclined to make one phone call, you will nullify a phone call from an anti-gay nutjob. Oh, excuse me, an anti-gay crusader. Kraft Foods is a major sponsor of the 2006 Gay Games. The nutjobs/crusaders have targeted them and are flooding their phone bank. Want to do something about that? Here's their phone # 1-800-323-0768. Toll free. It only takes a couple of minutes to call them and voice your support for their sponsorship. One call to nullify. Please pass the word to your friends, email addy book, relatives, whomever.

Latest word this morning is that the Kraft phone folks are initially wary when told the call is about their sponsorship, then immensely relieved upon hearing the support, and are still asking people to spread the word because the nutjobs are winning. This entire thing is ridiculous on some level, but it's what we're all reduced to."

I called, I spoke with a rep, he was delighted to get my call and thanked me for the support. Please call and feel free to pass on this request, it's a good thing!

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