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Link salad, Monday morning edition

Sarah Weinman: "Here's some cheese to go with that whine." A sparkling discussion of the existence or lack thereof of the so-called 'community of writers" is going on over there.

juliansinger on the Peter Beagle audiobook version of The Last Unicorn, along with coda. Rollicking discussion of Beagle's work in the comments, with the audiobook's publisher piling on.

Beagle being the author of several of my favorite works, including The Last Unicorn, I See By My Outfit, and A Fine and Private Place (oh, the raven. heee!) I'm keeping my blinkin' mouf shut. Except to say that in my very humble opinion, the text either stands on its own, or it doesn't. And if it doesn't. no amount of arguing is going to do anything except convince the readers you're a twit.

I may disagree with a critic's reading of my work--sometimes at great length and with random vituperation, sometimes with a shrug and a sigh that the book I wanted to write was obviously not the book he wanted to read--but if I don't get it on the page, or I get it on the page so it doesn't reach a particular reader, that reader's reaction is still valid. (I will argue certain things, such as factual inaccuracies or careless reading. But usually not in public, unless it's forced on me.)

There are people whom I consider close friends who can't stand what I write. I do them the courtesy of not shoving my books in their faces, and I expect them to do me the courtesy of not telling me how much I suck.

But, yanno, it's my considered estimation that people talking in blog comments or Usenet news groups--unless they're speaking to me directly--should generally be left alone to shred or defend me as they see fit.

(I am talking about myself here, as a comment inspired by the argument in the thread, and not taking a passive-aggressive swipe at the thread's participants. FWIW.)

And as a counteragent to that particular maunder, a Doonesbury that redeemed my tattered faith in humanity for another day:

tamnonlinear (really, does she have The Best Username, or what?) on Chronic Illness as A Second Job.

Yeah, that.

And because I know you've been waiting: Chili Finger Saga Update

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