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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

more news of the weird

This is a novel plot starter if I've ever seen one:

Silent piano man baffles authorites.


I'm voting for supersekrit assassin whose mission went horribly wrong. He just happened to be a piano virtuoso in addition to a finely-tuned killing machine. :)

Except he's not really a virtuoso. More reports say that he plays just a few pieces over and over.

I say he worked for Muzak Corp. until something went horribly awry...
If only he was a violin player, I could say you should check out the movie. :D
Hmm. A musician who doesn't remember his past.

Osbourne Identity, anyone?
This is a novel plot starter if I've ever seen one

I've been thinking the same thing.
Isn't it lovely? It's a spy novel waiting to happen. And neurology, too! Two of my favorite things. The missing clothing labels is brilliant.

The Beeb have had the best coverage so far:

I'm not-so-secretly hoping he's a spy desperately trying to convey a coded message via the music he's written.

"I must tell them! But I've forgotten how to speak! Perhaps if I write the urgent message about the Prime Minister's assassin as a sonata, they'll understand - it's a thin hope, but it's all I have! Please, God, let my controller find me before the Russian mafia does..."
The Piano Man had become Unstuck in Time...
I figure he's an Alien Invader.
The Piano Man Who Fell To Earth?
He's back from his seven years in Faerie, and afraid to talk because he can only speak the truth.
He was on his way to the Time Traveller's convention, but his time machine collided in four-space with another traveller, who now has the Piano Man's voice quantum entangled with his/her own.

The Piano Man has no voice, so TravellerB must scream.
And here's the plot twist now coming in:


While everyone has been assuming that his virtuosity means he must be a concert pianist, some guy in Italy now reckons he's a French street musician!
My own feeling about this is 'Help! I am stuck in a Jane Campion movie!' (but I disliked The Piano considerably).
I enjoyed it, too. It pissed me off on a lot of levels, and then managed to redeem itself quite nicely, for me.
Or a very sad song fic.
Okay, educate me. What's a song fic, and how does it differ from other fics?
A songfic is a fanfic with song lyrics (hopefully relevant to the plot) scattered throughout. In my opinion it's as cheesy as it sounds.

Makes sense now. *g*
Yep yep yep, I had the same exact thought.

Of course, every time I have that thought someone else has the same thought and writes a better story sooner. Like Neil Gaiman grabbed the "myths of Miami street kids" idea from me, and someone (I forget who :-) ) grabbed the "motorcycle hellride through Chernobyl" one.
Hee. It turns out that autopope and I have a similar riff running through our current works, but I suspect the treatments will differ enough that nobody will even notice.