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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

posted without comment (politics, beware).

rutemple passes along a photograph:

A Federal Agent told us that we are not to put up any anti-President Bush signs in our store windows.

Here's a closeup.


Wow. Just wow.
That happened when he visited Ft. Smith, AR. My friend was going to protest him and his policies, by just holding up a sign when he passed by. They wouldn't even let her walk down the sidewalk along the route. She was almost arrested.
I suspect el presidente finds evidence of dissent unsettling. On would almost think he wasn't secure in his convictions, and needed constant propping up.

It just hurts his little baby feelings to see those mean signs.

You can put them back up when the parade's over.
I think it's worse than that. My suspicion is that Karl Rove is continuing to sculpt Bush's image like he did during the two presidential elections. To that end he's attempting to convey a media image that shows little or no dissent to the President's policies. Remember, too, that Rove's methods are to keep himself and the President as far from culpability in these anti-Bush-sentiment suppression activities as possible. That we cannot see a clear connection between the calls or visits from "Federal agents" and the White House is, I believe, no mistake.
Like to see them try that here. There's a reason W's Daddy nicknamed Portland "Little Beirut." Protesting is practically an artform, here.
I think she was the only one trying to express her opinion. I unfortunately live in a pro-Bush area. I was surprised by the number of people I work with that voted for him. I was like, "Don't they see what he's doing to our country."
Apparently not.. but of course, even Bush doesn't get to see what he's doing to our country.
That's an elegant piece of civil resistance.

::less intellectual:: Damn the bastards to Hell.
Passive-aggressive resistance, in the proud tradition of the good soldier Svejk. Love it!
As I recall, when he was running for re-election, people weren't allowed to come to his rallies/speeches unless they signed a loyalty oath. He really doesn't like dissent.

Also, very unclear about the Constitution he swore to uphold.
This isn't the first time President Clark Bush has had Night Watch Federal Agents try to force store owners to remove political signs from their windows...

It all brings back such memories.

Me? Just someone with an odd sense of humour.

Thanks though. :)
The murkiness of it all is what bothers me. It sounds terrible, but just from the looks of it, it's hard to say if this is systematic oppression of dissent or overzealous individuals (and they could be overzealous individuals in supervisory positions making it look more systematic than it is) or whatever.

My solace is that if it is systematic oppression, they're doing a lousy job of it, and to no purpose other than pissing people off. The pendulum is going to swing, I feel, and it's going to be the undoing of the neocons and their more extreme support elements.
My solace is that if it is systematic oppression, they're doing a lousy job of it, and to no purpose other than pissing people off.

I start wondering how much the isolated incidents add up to a pattern... but I'm just not sure, frankly.
I may be grievously wrong, but I think if there is some systematic oppression, toward a power-maintaining purpose... it got started way too late and has been much too little.

Then again, maybe it's the Gay Liberal Left Zionist Agenda, stirring up the outrage against Bush and the neocons to make sure they crash as quickly as they rose.

Ahh, to walk the corridors of power... and not know the answers to these questions any better.
Hee. I hope to live long enough to read the history books on this one, actually. Of course, they'll all contradict each other--


Hey... didn't congress pass a law to mandate the inclusion of telescreens in all new HDTVs?

Freedom is slavery... shoes for industry.

This message has not been approved by the Ministry of Truth.
Damn shame they didn't get the guy's name. And the date.
Yeah, no kidding.
As a bit of an aside, perhaps a very interesting counterbalance to the post, there's this: Bush gets mixed reception at Christian college.
Indeed! I heard that one on the radio. *Very* interesting.
Not to bag on Hammered too much, but I think this is one of the reasons I found the Christian Facsists a little hard to swallow ;)

People here will listen to people like Dobson up to a point. Bush stands on the side of some people's favorite issues... but many Christians, even the fundamentalist variety, won't just blindly follow Bush just because certain church leaders encourage it.

Hard to see, because the vocal types tend to be vocal in their support of the neocon regime, but every once in a while, the opposition gets vocal, too.
Whereas I don't think the US is any more immune to crazy-ass regimes than the Germans, as an example. And I can easily see something like McCarthyism--or Neoconservatism--getting way out of hand, especially given the right blend of internal economic crisis and percieved external crisis. I frankly don't believe "it can't happen here."

Heck, I'm scared of the government we have now (as a woman, as a non-Christian, as a liberal with Socialist leanings, as a bisexual). They are out to get me; that's not paranoia. It's fact.

That the weight of tradition and legal process protects me somewhat is comforting, yes, but I'm also aware that the people in power in the government think of me as a secnd-class citizen.

Aside, as a point of order, the bulk of the worldbuilding for Hammered was done during the first Gulf War, and I was specifically thinking of the philosophical descendents of Pat Buchanan and David Duke when I originated the Christian Fascists. (I've also got that particular regime set in the 2030's, not the noughties. Jenny won't be born for another eight years, after all. It's be hard for her to be involved in anything involving either Bush.)

Any percieved similarities to current politics are simply the luck of the draw. Or the author, as the case may be.