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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

in Madison.

film at 11.

does running through o'hare count as daily exercise?

As a total aside, after eight hours in airports and on planes, I have an announcement to make. I finally finished Quicksilver. Go me. *g*


I did have a nice two hour layover--I planned it that way--but yeah, it was a hike. From the B's to the F's. :-P

Minneapolis is nice, and has very good food.
you know, oddly enough, I like airports too. Great peoplewatching venues. Although I do wish people would master the stand on the right, walk on the left thing. And for the love of mike, if they're dragging one of those rolling bags, DO pay attention to who they're dragging it into?

And if they must AMBLE, don't MEANDER. Somebody faster-moving is probably coming up behind!
When you get it, put a dozer blade on the front.

That'll put the fear of God into them.
Ohh I HATE that hike. And since I'm flying from Seattle to Madison through O'Hare I'll be doing it on Thursay.

Wave Hi to the nosepicking security guy for me....

Great! Only two more massive tomes to go!
So will you read the other two-thirds of the novel?

possibly. in my spare time.
BTDT. ORD, B1 to B16. The original flight was supposed to be already gone, but it had been delayed...5 minutes or so. I made the flight, too. (Coming back from Minicon.)
Go you, indeed!

(I highly recommend plowing through parts 2 and three. Part two gets, and I don't mean this punnily, confusing, but part three is totally worth it.)

Also, hi from a new face.

Hi, and welcome! Come in, put your feet up!
Last year, on the way home, I ended up stuck in O'Hare for nine hours...got home in the wee hours, and at first they couldn't find my luggage with my apartment keys in them...but then they did. And I spent the whole next day sleeping.

I had much better luck changing planes in Detroit. And I love their little inside-monorail thingie.
Oooh, every year we run the mad dash through O'Hare after Wiscon only to miss our connecting flight. Every *$&^# year! This year, I foolishly used our frequent flyer miles on the O'Hare - SFO leg so we could fly it business class, realizing only later that I probably just flushed our miles down the toilet, as we'll inevitably *miss* that flight and get jammed into the back of whatever overcrowded flight we can late Monday night.


On a more pleasant note, I hope I finally get to meet you this Wiscon! I reminded Tim yet *again* that if he sees you that he should bring me over for an introduction; he keeps thinking we've met, so he never thinks of it :-)
heee. Well, and I will be on the lookout for you.

Watch for a chubby redhead in Eeyore coveralls. *g*