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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

And the evening and the morning were the first day:

Yesterday was mostly a settling-in day. There was, first, breakfast with truepenny and stillsostrange, and then there was a return to the hotel, after which stillsostrange went off to set up for the art show, and the remaining we "helped" elisem set up her display (much as kittens help. "Ooo, shiny! ooo!") and helped set up display items for the Tiptree auction. (Where we were, I suspect, actually much more help.) We drafted kristine_smith into this process; she was remarkably sanguine at being handed a pen and told to number things.

There was a certain amount of wandering around the gathering, and while my second, truepenny, is handling the particulars, the upshot of the morning's adventures is that apparently David Moles and I are expected to continue a grand Wiscon tradition stretching back into the dim antiquity of one year ago!

The duel between Campbell nominees.

The unruly varlet has chosen his weapon: silly string at twenty paces. I'm sure I'll be contacted with details eventually.

Then we adjourned for dinner, and collected or recollected along the way stillsostrange, valancy, oursin, and Mirrorthaw. We had Laotian food, and were much pleased, as Samuel Pepys would say.

truepenny and Mirrorthaw returned to their abode, and I'm not entirely certain where oursin vanished to (appropos of nothing, she has such a lovely voice that I kept turning around to see who was speaking: deep, flexible, and mellifluous). The remaining three contemplated momentarily going to harrass Ben Rosenbaum, who was empaneled, and decided instead to unwind for an hour in the bar.

After which we proceeded to my first panel, "The Feminist Ideal and the Warrior Woman," which I believe coffeeandink has blogged extensively. After that, valancy absconded to further empanelment, and the remaining pair, plus coffeeandink, followed with a brief tour of the sixth floor parties, in an endeavor to locate a beer for stillsostrange and a cider for coffeeandink. Due the valiant efforts of Mr. Gavin Grant, we were successful in the former, and while we did not succeed to the latter, we did locate a future source of cider. Rumor is that the Ratbastards will be serving same tonight.

And thence to bed.

Today: I will, alas, be missing "Why Men Hate Sex" so I can hold down elisem's table for her while she stretches her legs. Then lunch is the plan, the plan is death something spicy and ethnic, proceeding to "Recovering Lost Treasures," something in the next (fourth) slot but I'm no sure what, my second panel in the fifth slot, "Women and the Draft," where I understand I will be rejoined by the delightful, opinionated, and erudite David B. Haseman and Nancy Jane More, from the "Feminist Ideal" panel (apparently, we come as a set, although Gregory G. Rihn, our former moderator, will not be with us; instead we shall have Nonie B. Rider and Debbie Notkin.)

And thence, dinner, and the Tiptree auction, and parties (Ratbastards! Haiku Earring!) and/or gothing.



>"Why Men Hate Sex"

Could have fooled me....
I so enjoy science fiction people. I really do.

Just saying.
Report! Thanks!
We drafted kaygo into this process; she was remarkably sanguine at being handed a pen and told to number things.

I'm a sanguine sort of person.

Good meeting you--sorry I didn't make it to your panel last night, but after late dinner, I was wiped.

Not a problem; If I do not see you today, I shall see you tomorrow!
Silly me! I just saw you downstairs at elisem's table, and didn't say "hi". (And now I'm lunching with the sprog, so can't run back downstairs to see if you're still there.) So, "hi!"
I am jealous. Next year someone else can catsit. I want WisCon.

Debbie does a spectacular job moderating panels. She has a quick mind and a real gift for making the whole conversation sparkle. She also has an LJ.
The unruly varlet has chosen his weapon: silly string at twenty paces

String him up!
Just to remark, deeply and mellifluously, that I was in 'and so to bed' mode with lingering jetlag - fog seems to be lifting, though suspect it will sweep over the sandbanks of consciousness at a relatively early point in the evening again.
the "why men hate sex" panel was, um, deeply flawed. i'm just sayin'.

but yay!, i got to see you. when i have pictures downloaded i will e-mail them if you like.
Glad I got to see you too! Huzzah!