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If you've ever wondered what a cave lion would look like--meet Hercules, a three year old liger. (lion/tiger crossbreed.) (via stillsostrange). There's a certain visceral "oh, dear lord, I'm lunch" quality to those photos, what?

After the Dangermouse, last night, we watchd the first two episodes of the new Dr. Who. I haven't actually seen any Doctor Who, except the Rowan Atkinson thing, since I was watching it on PBS in the 1980's, in the endless afternoon marathons. This felt much the same; it had the right blend of fast-paced action, wry wit, fluid and slightly mad characterizations, and off the wall creativity that I loved. It was a nice little chunk of childhood revisited, only better. I was rather pleased.

Also, the season finale of NCIS, finally, which is a bad show, but I watch it for the cast. I've heard some complaining about that ep, and to be fair it was heavyhanded and a little choppy, but... it's a bad show. *g* It's always a bad show. Not that that stops any of us from watching it, because we aren't watching it for the show. We're watching it for Pauley Perrette. Let's be honest. And Mark Harmon smacking around Michael Weatherly, which does my heart good (I really dislike Weatherly's character, though I will admit he plays him well). And Sean Murray. And occasionally, when he actually gets some screen time for a change, David McCallum.

(Anybody else notice how much office physical abuse goes on in that show? Boy, if that were a real government agency, these people would have each other up on charges (sexual harrassment, physical intimidation) every other week.)

And I was rather pleased that (spoiler) and how the (spoiler) was handled, although I'm going to state for the record now that Tasha Yar syndrome has claimed another character. That was the episode that (spoiler) should have had, and the characterization (spoiler) should have had all along.

Of course, I was up way too late, and that means I won't get started writing until after ten AM today, but I suspect I needed the break. So, all in all, more television than I generally watch in two weeks, all in one night. Oddly, I do not feel rejuvenated by the night off. TV apparently does rot your brain.

And between Penfold and the Doctor, I will be walking around going "Fabulous!" for the next three weeks. It was a good TV night.
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