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I have the creeping willies today. Which is odd; I've been expecting end of book panic, and it hasn't set in--I dunno how I'm going to get to the end of this thing in one piece, but I'm reasonably sure I will, even though it seems brutally complicated and out of control right now. I'm confident in the book--and I'm this far from a panic attack over Goddess knows what. And I really have no reason to be sitting here with my hands trembling and my chest thumping from adrenaline, but... I am.

Well, okay, I have lots of little reasons to be stressed--deadlines, Typical Writerly Cash Flow Problems, relocation logistics, June Is Book Launch Month... but that doesn't explain why I'm sitting here vibrating, feeling shaky and weak. I skipped lunch, but I ate dinner early. I even got almost enough sleep last night. The primate brain is boggled about why the reptile brain is freaked. Delayed WisCon Stress Syndrome? Psychic connection with an onrushing NEO with my name on it? Not enough time spent napping under the cat? Bad brain chemicals?

The meat puppet is not forthcoming today. Somebody else is going to have to explain it to me.

I wonder if it was some chemical in the nasty hot dog I ate for dinner. No more Ballpark franks for you, reptile brain!
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