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link salad

karenhealey on feminist bookstore activism

Neil Gaiman on a nice cup of tea.

tragic_glass on drilling for oil in R'lyeh

kelliem on personal lubricant and squirrels

via allocthon, the blog of scholar, medic, and gentleman D. Haseman, whom we met and were charmed and educated by as WisCon. The blog is charming and educating too. He's terrifyingly accomplished. Let me quote:

I was nervous all over again. At least in this place I had an advantage. I am a Medical Doctor, Retired Lt Colonel with previous assignments to Airborne and Ranger units, Walter Reed, and a combat hospital. These experiences allowed me some credibility when I spoke on the topic at hand. I was still too nervous to remember what I said.

What he doesn't mention is that he's also unassuming, erudite, well-spoken, polite, gracious, and extremely cute. And he has an MA in Women's Studies.

And he gives good blog.

I just hope, in the interests of cosmic balance, he has some really atrocious personal habit we don't know about yet. (And if you're reading this, David, hello! Yes, I am always this embarrassing to my friends!)

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