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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Good night, Austin Texas, where ever you are.

Make that ~1,400 words on Scardown today, and three more notecards dispensed with, and 223 pages of pencil edits on the first half of the book made to bring it into narrative alignment. Woo hoo! Back in the saddle. I have like ten more pages of edits to make, and another 70 notecards or so (and ~200 pages) but not, I think, tonight.

Now, I go to bed. Sleep well.


X-Men 2 was all right, by the way. Not the best movie ever made, although it had some good effects bits, and some good character bits... but it felt padded for me. And I thought it had more than its share of creative-though lapses :-)

Scott is still a pussy.




Saw it with Daredevil on Sunday. (In my country, we have double features for the most part). Daredevil I did like - as you said, it had a nice Batman feel to it. It was more of an exploration of an important psychological shift in himself than a fight fest.

But I liked X2 as well. I loved seeing Wolverine get angry (sue me - I'm easy...) I liked the seeds of character conflict (past, present and future) that they planted, and most of all, I liked the fact that the CGI didn't look like CGI. Spiderman and Daredevil pissed me off sometimes for that. I may be easy to please, but I did enjoy myself.

And I agree - they just don't make Scott and Jean work for me. It felt shallow. Scott's a pussy. But damn - that chiseled chin and pouty pair of lips...

Re: Rhonda

Yeah. Although that last scene with Wolvie and Scott on the Blackbird was worth the price of admission.

I always knew Logan was the butch one in that relationship. :-)



That and the desperate kiss Logan unloaded on Jean outside the Blackbird. And the attempted Mystique seduction. I mean, what is it about Australians?...

(And why waste a kiss on the unwilling when the willing is drooling just a theatre seat away...::sigh::)

Plus Mystique - damn, she could she should have been a psychologist ::grin::

Re: Rhonda

Sure, here I am trying not to spoiler.... :-P