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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I'm not good; I'm not nice; I'm just right.

I may have just written the best sentence of my life. It's not quite the Sondheim lyric quoted above, but I love it with an unholy love.

Unfair, but not untrue.

nihilistic_kid piles onto the panel moderation debate

Progress notes for 7 June 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 2,506
Total Words: 110,091 / 123,250
Pages: 493

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
123,250 / 160,000
Reason for stopping: work, alas
Mammalian Assistance: Paladin was needy today. So he got snuggled some.
Stimulants: tropical green tea, Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond. Which is crack.
Exercise: gothercise, yoga
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: coir, muskier, microsleeps, Herod, disenthrallment, celadon, tasseomancy
Tyop du jour: a black wold waited for him at the edge of the woods (or) rattle and thumb of a weather-swollen door.
Darling du jour: Ian delivered a grimly determined Jewels into Autumn's hands before breakfast, when the sky behind bare trees was transparent golden, and cold birds sang in their limbs.
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Dorothy L. Sayers, The Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club;

Interesting research tidbits of the day:
tasseomancy. I gotta say, if you're seeing all this stuff in your tea leaves, you hardly need their help in percieving visions.

Matthias I "Corvinus" Hunyadi, King of Hungary. I've been interested in this guy for years, ever since he turned up as a tangent in the Vlad III research lo, these twelve or thirteen or fourteen years ago now.

...aw, drat, I think the penny just dropped on another Promethean Age book. Maybe the first one, chronologically speaking, unless I go way back and start chasing ancient Asian history.

Because I'll have to write the 15th century one eventually, and I was resisting, because nobody needs another fucking book about Vlad. Let's be frank: the world would be a better place if half the books about Vlad vanished in a puff of sensationalism.

But a book about Matthias Corvinus....

Oh yeah.

And, I mean, how can you not want to write a book about somebody named Matthew the Crow? A name like that, dude, you earn.

Other writing-related work: I have notecards. I actually don't have all that many notecards, and most of the remaining plot is on them. But I suspect it will take many pages to get through them, because the stuff that happens is complicated.

And there will be more notecards as things go on, I'm sure.

It's pounding along right now, though.

Maybe I'll bring it under 160K. Maybe. But I am not holding my breath.


I'm...well, somewhere between shocked and stunned to realize that nobody in the 1890s (my favorite decade for historical novels) wrote a novel about Hunyadi, at least as far as I can tell.

So, yes, do it, by all means! You'll get my money, at least.
The Hunyadi clan are fascinating. Janos is an interesting guy, too...
Hunyadi Janos is incredibly interesting -- more so than Mattias, in my personal opinion. Not that he wasn't interesting, but I remember when I found out that Corvinus was a reference to the family arms instead of something more dire...
Matthew the Crow

Suddenly, I am dying to learn more about this person, undoubtedly the source of the name of Dream's raven in The Sandman...
Oh, I've often suspected that.

I suppose we could write to Neil and ask...
:: makes note to delete Vlad from her 15th C. novel draft ::
Hee. I have 30K of a Vlad novel, which I wrote before I wised up.

Besides, if I write a book about the Crow, Vlad will be in it. He married one of Mattias' (half?) sisters...

And Vlad as a long-dead bit part in B&I.

So I don't think that Vlad is, you know, REALLY persona non grata. After all, fully 50% of the books about him probably should have been written.

But he is probably overused.
I think the problem I would have at this point (and why I've been hesitating going back to this very old draft --> old = circa 1980s), is that Vlad is the Oh-My-Gosh-THAT'S-Who-The-Villain-Is sort of bad guy, and well, anyone with two mediocre vampire novels to rub together would suss this out long before the main characters do. Like page 30. Or by reading the back cover blurb.

Nah, it'll be much more fun to dig around for lesser-known villainous sorts.
Into the Woods gets major loving in our house. "Children may not obey, but children will listen."

Ah, so Word finally didn't know a word I didn't know either. I planned to look it up as soon as I finished the entry but then you gave it away. I knew about the practice -- just didn't know what it was called. So many -mancies, so little time.

Then I somehow missed the paragraph starting, "Matthias I "Corvinus" Hunyadi, King of Hungary. I've been interested in this guy for years, ever." And started with the next paragraph (probably a scroll error) so that when you said Matthew Corvinus I thought, "Matthew the Crow -- who the heck is that?" And yes writing about someone like that would be interesting. And off I go into NA archetypes and folklore. (Apropos only of birds of black, Ravenshadow by Win Blevins is excellent.)

Now to go read up on this Hungarian king...

Yeay, I'll at least have time to recover financially from all of the other books I have to buy (yours, I mean) before this one comes out.
Hee. This one wouldn't get time, probably, until 2007 or 2008 at least. There's five Promethean books to get through that are already written. :-P

Backlog is both good and bad.
Does Ibn Battuta figure into your Promethean Age chronicle?
All of a century too early, wouldn't he be?
Wanna know what breaks my heart?

Sondheim *took that line out* of The Last Midnight for one of the revivals. I forget what he replaced it with, but it's infinitely forgettable. And the original line is amazingly useful in day-to-day life.
Right there with you.

Once it's in print, STOP FUCKING WITH IT! Yes, that goes for directors and playwrights, too.
Ok, tasseomancy is new to me.

What's a tasseo?

reading tea leaves. *g*
Yeah, I ought to finish posts before I reply. I'll blame the lack of coffee (which I only drink every few days, so we both know it's an excuse.

I see from my f-list that you've been at it again (not that seeing the post didn't warn me).

I also went and looked at the sniping scalzi and nihilistic_kid have been swapping.

I'm more in John's camp. I have to say the real reason is I think his methods of dealing with things are less manipulative.

The only panel I ever had to moderate was 1: not planned as having me moderate it, and 2: a qualified success with a difficult topic, and panel. (Moral Philosophy: with the usual run of people one might expect on the panel, and a couple of real knuckleheads in the audience). Given that experience, I cotton more to the make them ask questions as a way to keep things lively, school.

Then again, I am inquisitive by nature, so questions seem normal, and not restrictive to me.


*g* I just do my damnedest not to moderate panels, no matter what. I'm too conflict-avoidant, and I know it.
Will Durant hearts Matthias Corvinus, he gives him like 50 pages in the History of Civilization.

I knew a guy in trivia competition named Matt Colvin, he went by Matthias Colvinus sometimes. This was before he got his mail-order bride and went into evangelizing.
...now, that's a telling detail.