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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Something a little more on-topic--

I'm looking for a volunteer.

Specifically, I'm looking for somebody who can codeswitch proficiently between American English (Northeastern dialect) and West Indian English. I have a character in Whiskey & Water who has an American mother and a West Indian father, and I would very much like to recruit somebody who is willing to go over a ~650 page manuscript and make a few suggestions as to idiom and infection. I don't do the horrid spelled-out dialect thing, and he doesn't have what you'd call an accent and he doesn't speak patois--more a flavor, generally--so I'm talking word choice and so forth.

I can offer signed first editions of Hammered and Scardown in trade, or, if one is willing to wait until next year, Blood & Iron and Whiskey & Water.


idiom and infection

Best. Typo. Ever.
Hah. I can do that in my sleep.

You haven't met a lousy typist until you've met me.
Is this India-with-British-style-English? British Indian or Brit-Pakistani I can easily do. (And it's an excuse to rent movies.) Hindi meets AmericanEnglish with no stopover at the BBC, not so sure. Also, is it Hindi, or which of the thousands of India's languages?
Alas, West Indian meaning the West Indes, aka the Caribbean. *g* Sorry....
doh! Insufficient caffiene in my brain today. I knew something wasn't right, but my brain parsed that as "India vs. Native American". Caribbean is not an accent I've ever learned; I never got sent to tropical paradises.
I never got sent to tropical paradises.

..more's the pity. *g* I have a tin ear for dialect, so I get help.
sorry that I'm not able to help on the linguistic front, but wanted to say that your music is a damn fine choice -- I don't see Bruce Cockburn listed as the music on LJ very often.
*g* We love us some Bruce.

And that's a great song.
Did you try Toby Buckell?
*g* he's on my list of people to bug if I don't get a volunteer, oh yes....
I'm no help, but I wanted to share:

One of my West Indian co-workers was talking about something that happened to her, and she said "Laugh? Til de watter come out me eye!" Which is dreadful transliteration by me, but I thought it was such a cute idiom :)
That's gorgeous.
Drop a note with browngirl letting her know that trinker suggested that you ping her on this...
Actually, I have two people who responded, so I may be in pretty good shape. But thank you!
Oh, good! FYI, the reason I recommended browngirl is that she's got a strong West Indian background and lives in MA.
I've seen her posts around and she seems like a neat person, too. *g*
*grin* If she wasn't, I'd have caveated that recommendation. ;)