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"Honey, maybe it's not such a great idea to undermine me in front of the hostage."

We saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which I keep mistyping as Mr. & Mrs. Sith. It's amazing how much fun a movie entirely unbelabored by a script can be.

Which is to say, the directing and the acting were spot on. Not only am I being painted into a corner with regards to having to admit I like Brad Pitt, but apparently Angelina Jolie can act rather well. Color me awed. They actually succeed in making the lackluster dialogue quite funny--mostly through reasonably nuanced renditions of a not particularly happily married couple--and despite the notable lack of anything resembling a plot that stands up to a half a minute's examination, I was actually quite emotionally affected by the Butch-and-Sundance showdown at the end. Very John and Aeryn, actually, and a beautiful example of (a) what's wrong with the endless, tiresome "falling marble" lobby shoot out in The Matrix and (b) fight scene as characterization. Verra nice.

In news more closely related to home, it occurred to me in the car that there's subtext in the scene I'm working on today that has sealed the future existence of Matthew/Felix slash, if anybody ever likes my work enough to fanfic it. Although the logistics would baffle me, personally. (Yeah, you guys think we don't know what you get up to.)

Sorry about that, boys.


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