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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

"Honey, maybe it's not such a great idea to undermine me in front of the hostage."

We saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which I keep mistyping as Mr. & Mrs. Sith. It's amazing how much fun a movie entirely unbelabored by a script can be.

Which is to say, the directing and the acting were spot on. Not only am I being painted into a corner with regards to having to admit I like Brad Pitt, but apparently Angelina Jolie can act rather well. Color me awed. They actually succeed in making the lackluster dialogue quite funny--mostly through reasonably nuanced renditions of a not particularly happily married couple--and despite the notable lack of anything resembling a plot that stands up to a half a minute's examination, I was actually quite emotionally affected by the Butch-and-Sundance showdown at the end. Very John and Aeryn, actually, and a beautiful example of (a) what's wrong with the endless, tiresome "falling marble" lobby shoot out in The Matrix and (b) fight scene as characterization. Verra nice.

In news more closely related to home, it occurred to me in the car that there's subtext in the scene I'm working on today that has sealed the future existence of Matthew/Felix slash, if anybody ever likes my work enough to fanfic it. Although the logistics would baffle me, personally. (Yeah, you guys think we don't know what you get up to.)

Sorry about that, boys.


I have a friend who saw Angelina Jolie's first movie (some indie thing, I can't remember. I don't know if it was girl interupted or one more indie than that), and was very impressed w/ her acting --- then decided it was a fluke after every other thing she did came out.

Of course, brad pitt is going to make me convince him to take me to see this one way or another. ...meaning my like for brad pitt and not his;)
Yeah, I think that might have been it.
No shame in either admission. Pitt's been known as a good actor for a while -- remember 12 Monkeys? And Jolie is pretty damned good herself, even if she's proven to have an almost perfect ability to pick awful scripts.

And the lobby shoot-out is fucking genius compared to almost anything the Brothers W did in their next two movies.
*g* I was smart enough to stop at one....
And I should say, I'm in Brad Pitt denial. I really *want* to dislike him, and can't. The rat.
Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy...
To which I reply chantingly, "Digitally-removed skinny chicken-legs!" with great glee. :->
Yeah, exactly. *g* I suppose I can't blame him for his fans....

...but I tried.
mmm! I was going to watch the film purely for eye candy (I can take or leave Pitt, don't get the hype, but have a soft spot for Jolie's soft spots), especially since sex-n-guns is our idea of a date movie. (No real plot, no plot to miss if we make out during boring bits.) If there's anything that can be described as Butch-n-Sundance about it, I will be a very happy girl. (Even if I bawl my eyes out, which I never admit to doing at movies.)
It's sort of Butch and Sundance meets Grosse Point Blank.

Only without a script.
My hopes didn't go so high as a script, so that sounds pretty good. I sense a weekday matinee in my future.
Isn't it more or less a remake of Prizzi's Honor? Which was brilliant and needed no remake, IMNSGHO.
*tries desperately to get Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Prizzi's Honor into the same mental box, and fails*

It's domestic comedy with gunfights and a few poignant moments, poignancy predicated on the actor's skill rather than any merit of the lack of a script.


Hee. I'm an amateur teenager whose only fanbase is her friends, and my characters are ALREADY being slashed. It's weird, because I suppose I could see the appeal if I was just reading my work, but knowing the characters' inner motivations as I do, I simply Do Not Understand. And the best part about it is, my slashers seem to think I should write their fic for them. Oh well. At least I have engaged the reader. Looking forward to reading the scene you mention.

And I might have to go see that movie now.


Re: Subtext

And the best part about it is, my slashers seem to think I should write their fic for them.

Hee. They'd probably hate it if you did. I hang about with a bunch of fan writers, and I think a lot of the *fun* in fan writing--as I've observed it in the wild, anyway--is the fun of making stuff up that fits the pattern and plugs in the holes and extrapolates from the base.

Heck, I do that with historical fiction. It's a great game.

It's less fun when it's done for you. *g* Canon is better with gaps.

Looking forward to reading the scene you mention.

It's the one in Jane's apartment. If you happen to remember that in late 2006....

And I might have to go see that movie now.

Hee. It was actually a lot of fun. Not art, although it had some artistic pretensions. But fun.

Re: Subtext

The conversation often goes something like this:

Friend: Main Male Characters are gay.
Me: Oh? News to me.
Friend: You're in denial, Sare.
Me: ...
Friend: Therefore, you should write slashy smut.
Me: They're busy with other plans.
Friend: But there must be slashy smut! Oh, and they also got secretly married.
Me: *pleasepleasepleaseneverdiscovermpregPLEASE* Gay marriage is illegal in my setting.
Friend: Make it legal!
Me: Why don't you write a fic about it? When I get published (ha!), you can say you were their first 'shipper. Or better yet, write your own story, in which the characters are actually gay.
Friend: But I don't understand their motivations like you do!
Me: Obviously.

But yeah, they would probably hate whatever I produced.

Re: Subtext

*dies laughing*

In fanland, *everybody's* gay.

Re: Subtext

Oh, I know. I'll never forget the time I was nine and first stumbled onto Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan slash. I enjoy it as much as anyone, but it's just weird when it's your characters.

There is a post I need to make on the subject, methinks.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith - good to hear. *G*

also, should've commented and didn't: book hitting that "click" place? *whistles!*