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I'b sick

It's the revenge of the spirit of the inadequate persimmon.

I went to bed early last night, being suspiciously tired, and spent the night being pushed around the bed by the cat. Around four AM, I began to suspect something was wrong. My throat hurt, and after lying there for about fifteen minutes trying to figure out if I'd gotten a kick ass hangover from two whole beers. Getting up to get a drink of water didn't help. Two hours of spotty sleep later, I was forced to admit that I had, yes, a sore throat, a clogged up nose, aching muscles, and lymph nodes as hard as candied almonds. Also, a brief inspection of the back of my throat reveals icky swollen tonsils, which would explain why I keep gagging.

I guess that explains why the Inner Reptile was so adamant about wanting grapefruit juice at the grocery store yesterday.

I called in to work. Screw it. I expect there will also be naps.

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