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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

The goodliest outside in the whole falsehood business.

GIP. *g* Well, not really, because there's more here than iconage. But kelliem and I were talking about the infamous MfU episode The Deadly Games Affair last night, which (courtesy of the lovely destina, may she live forever) I have finally gotten to see. (I vagely remember it from 1986 or so. But er, not well. It having been 1986 and all.)

Some fictional character's snarky Shakespearean misquotations carry a certain element of pot-kettlehood. Not saying, you know. Just saying. And as a fiction writer ("I tell lies to strangers for money.") I have to say, the line appealed to me.

And it kept me entertained for a half hour while my brain drained a little more mucilage.

Progress notes for 13 June 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 1,012
Total Words: 119, 450 / 134,250
Notecards euthanized/remaining: 1/22
Pages: 537

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
134,250 / 160,000
Reason for stopping: taking a break to read and perhaps nap for a while.
Mammalian Assistance: Mebd pestering for whatever mysterious cat-thing it was that Mebd wanted, and Marlowe, limp as a sack of barley, draped over my neck.
Stimulants: Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond, and some not very good chai
Exercise: I have an excuse. I'm sick.
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: bladderwrack, biogeochemical, benthic
Words I was surprised that Word did know: mucilaginous
Tyop du jour: a stingy pus-clotted man.
Darling du jour: I see a woman grieving in a chair.
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Kristine Smith, Code of Conduct; Richard Overy, Russia's War: A History of the Soviet War Effort, 1941-1945
Interesting research tidbits of the day: how micro-organisms affect global cycling of iron; online Gaelic dictionaries; Trever Talbert tobacco pipes (these are soooo coool). Here's a collector's page. I'm partial to "The Shoggoth." And "The Mountains of Madness." sallytuppence, note: "The Lampton Wyrm."
Other writing-related work: n/a

jim0052 on reversion clauses.

jlassen's visit from the Sekrit Service, in his own words.

sartorias on The Lord Of The Rings, 1966. Last summer at ComiCon I was lucky enough to hear Peter S. Beagle speak on what it was like for him reading LotR when he was in college, and what a mind-altering experience it was. Here's a link to the time-traveling review she mentions, as well.

susie_bright, the unlikely lactivist. (deannahoak, that one's especially for you.)

It looks as if my story "House of the Rising Sun" will be in The Third Alternative # 42, along with stories by douglain, darren_speegle, and jlundberg, among others. This will be the last TTA of that name.

The zine is dead; long live the zine.

I was at Franklin Roosevelt's side
On the night before he died
He said one world must come out of World War II
Ah the fool.

Yankee, Russian, white or tan
A man is still a man
We're on one road
We're only passing through.


Thanks, Bear. :-)
pro noblem *g*
Congrats on the sale.

I read the Secret Service visit story last night.

Yeah, as described the agents were a bit out of line.

But the reactions bothered me, almost as much. The decided, and blanket, hostility to the Secret Service investigating alleged threats to the president disturbs me. It implies a much greater distrust of the government than I (who am no fan of really powerful gov'ts) like to see.

I'm not normally a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist, but I will admit that the current administration's tactics and goals have my back up and my feelers out more than anything since Iran Contra.

I read about the Downing Street memo, or businesses along motorcade routes being forbidden to display anti-Bush posters... and I'm not surprised. Wearied, but not surprised. I hate that.

I'm scared of these guys. And I suspect I am not the only one.
This is more than that.

In both the places I mentioned this, I was attacked for saying the job has to get done.

Do I trust the present holders of the office? No. Do I trust any holders of the office? Not much. These guys less than anyone who has been in that office in my lifetime.

Does that mean I think everyone who works for them must be a jack-booted thug to do the job? No.

And it's that level of distrust which disturbs me.

I am not yet ready for revolt. Prepared, perhaps, but not ready. I see people who are inching toward ready, and that's not good.

Yeah, I can pretty much agree with that analysis.
Awww, you killed another market!


I'm so proud of you!

That's three! Possibly four, if I never hear from HPL again... although Leah said they answered her query, so I'm not claiming it yet.