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Yes, we're going to smash their bastard; make him want to change his name.

Summer has arrived in Las Vegas. I saw a three-foot tumbleweed becalmed in the suicide lane on Clayton Street today.

So, I was driving home from the bank, where I had to scamper today--venturing my sick self forth in the triple-digit temperatures, woe! alas! (perhaps it burned the illness from my veins)--and the only decent thing on the radio was an old John Mellencamp song, which naturally rewound my heat-dazed internal clock about twenty years.

Does anybody else recall a contest that I think ran on Mtv back in the halcyon days when they played music and Tom Petty videos and Monkees marathons and wacky game shows and were, in fact, something one might actually care to watch, which was entitled "I Hate My Wretched Life!" The gimmick was that they would give you ten thousand dollars (at 1980's prices), pay to relocate you to a new city, find you an apartment, get you a job, and arrange to have your name changed? Yeah?

Remember that?

I wonder where that guy is now.


At least, when I date myself, I don't usually get dumped over dinner.
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