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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Damn good television.

So, Batman Begins? Didn't suck. I could have used a smidge more plot and some slightly less Hollywood heavyhanded theme-thumping, but the characterizations were spot-on, and the acting, directing, editing, and script were all juuuust fine.

And Gary Oldman? Could not have been more perfect. I have loved him through oh, so many very, very bad movies, and now he has a movie to call his own that does not suck, perhaps the first since Rosencratz & Guildenstern Are Dead. My life is complete.

Also. Rutger Hauer? Has not aged well. And Cillian Murphy is Crispin Glover's evil vat clone, only with these creepy inhuman big crystal blue eyes.

Very unsettling.


And Liam has Redeeeeeeeeeeeemed himself. he stain of Phantom Menace is washed from his Jedi robes.

I wish the dialogue were a little less heavyhanded. But I am a picky bitch.
Much like Peter Jackson, this director has figured out that the way to make fantasy work is to play it straight. You have to be honest with the material.

Otherwise, it will suck.
Oh yeah, don't talk to me about the dwarf. *g* I just block those bits out.
Cillian Murphy is The Hotness. I am happy to mentally associate his pretty eyes with Arkham. :)
Oh... I saw a film clip with him in it. Never saw him before, and thought "Who's that guy?"

It's the bone structure. Gets me every time.
Um...yeah... Pensive Spike. Glad you like.
I adore Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead! *sighs* Tom Stoppard did a wonderful job both with the stage and screenplays.
Yeah, time has not been good to poor Rutger. I choose to remember him in the heydays of his Navarre Antienne, though.
He was pretty hot in Blade Runner, as well, if one ignored the psychotic qualities

I'm sure that only enhanced his appeal to a few ladies. :-)
He's mentally frozen in time at the Ladyhawke era for me. I refuse to acknowledge anything other than him looking like that.

Note to self: need Ladyhawke icon.
Rutger Hauer? Has not aged well.

You are a master of understatement. I'm not entirely sure he's still alive; last time I saw him, he could have been a zombie.
You didn't like Oldman in Coppola's Dracula?
Do you want me to start with mutilation of Stoker, the mutilation of history, the wolf Crinos form out of bad Fan art, or the seemingly continuous on-screen presence of Lucy Westren's left breast? (Was there something wrong with the right one?)

I mean, Oldman was fine in it . But it was yet a bad movie. (I liked him in Lost in Space too, but that doesn't make the rest of the movie any more watchable.)
I liked him very much in The Fifth Element and The Professional, although I guess neither of those were *his* movies, precisely.

And it was a fine breast.
*g* you're right, of course. In my defense, it's been ten years since i read the book.

and I don't dispute its fine-ness, but wouldn't you have liked to see the other one?
I very much enjoy the movie. Although there are accretions, it's not unfaithful to the text either.
Rutger Hauer? Has not aged well.

That's a bit of an understatement. I last saw him in Smallville (start of season three) and I had to wash my eyes out -- I wasn't sure that it really was him! Geez louise. He's certainly changed since the likes of Blade Runner and LadyHawke...
Let us be fair. If you are 40 when you do your most famous and/or swoonworthy work, it is not exactly a surprise when, at 60, you look a bit different. (Yes, Ladyhawke came out 20 years ago.)

Dude is easily a grandfather. He can no longer claim the Dennis Quaid Exception to oldification. Happens to everybody.
You realize that "vat clone" rhymes with "bat phone"?

Just thought I'd mention it.
And Cillian Murphy is Crispin Glover's evil vat clone, only with these creepy inhuman big crystal blue eyes.

I'm personally of the opinion he is what happens when you breed Jim Caviezel to Tom Welling. (Except, I think, a bit smarter.)

There is a whole world of vague photocopies of the tall, dark, slim, and bony in Hollywood (the distinction of Europe being a lack of man-breast pectorals), and the true miracle is that one can find examples that are not totally interchangeable with all the others.
I think Murphy could play a woman playing a man *very* convincingly. He's got that Tilda adrogyny thing going on, bigtime, only in the other direction.
I made that precise comment about Hauer to Himself after seeing him in 'Sin City.'

Re: Damn good television.

Rutger Hauer? Has not aged well.

hey! he's 60. that's what 60 year old men without plastic surgery look like.