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I'm not smart enough, I'm not fast enough, I'm not alien enough, and you know what? --

--There are people in the universe who just don't *like* me

There's that F&SF reject. It did get lost in the mail after all.

Day three of the less-of-eBear project. ~1800 calories yesterday and a mile walked... which seems awfully measly compared to the seven-and-ten-mile days I used to log back east, but Las Vegas just isn't a walker's paradise, and I've given up on this whole gym thing. I have successfully not gnawed my own arm off yet, and maintain my hopes of staving off the diabetes I'm genetically inclined to for another ten years or so.

Here's a good site for those of you concerned with your diets:

(Which tells me I can blow 150 calories on junk food today, if I stick to my plan, and come in around 1600 calories with my nutritional bases covered. Hoot!)


Generally still in a good mood after a pleasant evening yesterday, altough I cannot for the life of me track down the $57.20 necessary to reconcile the ledger. Bad day job, no biscuit.


Need to decide what scene of Scardown to work on tonight for my wordcount (I'd like to get at least a thousand words today). And if I'm going to bother sending "Love-in-Idleness" out again if a market clears, or just trunk it.

The galleys for the July/August A&A are done, courtesy of Leah. Meanwhile, the slush is being beaten back steadily... and life goes on. Darn life. Always getting in the way of writing.
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