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Day Five: The alien embryos may have atrophied, or perhaps hatched in the night and slithered up my esophagus as I lay dreaming, leaving me with a raw throat and a hacking cough, and a hollow feeling in my chest.

The ichor is still dripping out of my head, though.



Fuzzy! Like a frog!

(via green_key)

[08:48] matociquala: Furry! Like a frog!
[08:50] stillsostrange: mmm, Tsathaggua...
[08:50] stillsostrange: eeek! Kermit is Tsathaggua
[08:50] matociquala: eeek!
[08:50] stillsostrange: The awful truth becomes clear...
[08:50] matociquala: Then Miss Piggy is Shub Niggurath
[08:50] stillsostrange: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
[08:50] stillsostrange: *dies*
[08:50] matociquala: ...and Statler and Waldorf are the Elder Things
[08:51] stillsostrange: the brain, it bleeds
[08:52] stillsostrange: What does that make Fozzie?
[08:52] matociquala: I was just wondering about Animal and Gonzo
[08:52] matociquala: Fozzie would have to be Cthulhu.
[08:53] matociquala: Rowlf is definitely Nyarlathotep
[08:53] matociquala: He's the socially acceptable one
[08:53] stillsostrange: So Gonzo is Hastur
[08:53] matociquala: Yes!
[08:53] stillsostrange: Animal is Azathoth
[08:54] matociquala: Maybe Dr. Teeth is Azathoth?
[08:54] matociquala: And the Electric Mayhem are Servitors?
[08:54] stillsostrange: Piping to their blind idiot god
[08:54] matociquala: Exactly.
[08:54] stillsostrange: *twitch*
[08:54] stillsostrange: Can I blog this? :)
[08:54] matociquala: (I'm so blogging this. You are warned.)

Also, GIP
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