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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san


My writerly mojo is strong.

Decided I needed to see how much room I really had to work with before I had to get ambitious with the editing, and I did the nasty old writer trick of going through, seeing which chapters ended at the top of a page, and judiciously pruning a little. Got back a thousand manuscript words that way, at a total cost of sixty-seven actual real words on the page.


So, new word meter thingy:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
149,250 / 160,000
I am stronger than the book!

Here's the TOC so far, for your amusement. (in format: CHAPTER NUMBER: Chapter Title (word count) MS pg #)

ONE: Fairytale of New York (3,821) 4

TWO: Whiskey, You're the Devil (2,393) 21

THREE: Seen the Lights go out on Broadway (4,378) 32

FOUR: This Free Will (4,297) 51

FIVE: The Ballad of Thomas the Rhymer. (5,005) 70

SIX: A New York Minute (4,879) 93

SEVEN: The Boston Rag (3,449) 115

EIGHT: If I Should Fall from Grace with God (3,416) 131

NINE: The Tower (5,312) 146

TEN: Madman Across the Water (3,771) 170

ELEVEN: Babylon (6,576) 187

TWELVE: Belfast to Boston (4,078) 217

THIRTEEN: Devil in Blue Jeans (4,255) 235

FOURTEEN: The Gypsy Laddie (Black-Jack Davy) (4,509) 254

FIFTEEN: I Guess the Lord Must be in New York City (5,447) 274

SIXTEEN: Chasing the Dragon (6,980) 298

SEVENTEEN: An Englishman in New York (5,831) 329

EIGHTEEN: Please Come to Boston (5,489) 355

NINETEEN: Everything Goes To Hell (6,169) 380

TWENTY: East Village Buffalo Poppy (10,705) 408

TWENTY-ONE: If It Be Your Will (4,011) 456

TWENTY-TWO: They Came To Boston (3,836) 474

TWENTY-THREE: King of New York (7,465) 491

TWENTY-FOUR: Dirty Water (4,127) 525

TWENTY-FIVE: Hoist That Rag (2,419) 543

TWENTY-SIX: The Arrangement (3,679) 554

TWENTY-SEVEN: New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed (6,067) 571

I am now commencing Chapter 28, "Why Did I Leave South Boston?" continuing the jaunting back-and-forth-to-Boston theme.

The last chapter is tentatively titled "Once Upon a Time In New York City." I'm not yet sure what will fit the pause points between here and there. Although "Whiskey in the Jar" looks likely as a possibility. And "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" and "Snowing in Brooklyn" are also pretty strong contenders. I'm sad that it looks like I won't get to use "Skinhead on the MBTA," but there have been no T scenes. Alas.

Excelsior! More weight! More weight! More tea! More tea!

Why, yes, I am a little manic.

P.S., send cabana boys.


You go! You're in the zone!

I bow to your word-fu!
Did you already mention why you're using the Pogues for chapter titles, and I missed it? I think it's a wonderful idea.
It's not just the Pogues.
Sorry. I just realized that my reply was far more curt than I intended it to sound.

Popular song titles because it's a book about stories and echoes and the folk tradition, among other things.
I didn't take it as curt--I'm more envious that I didn't think of it. :-)

Understood about the reasons for it--makes good sense. Looking forward to reading it!
After taking a look at your chapter titles, I'm wanting to read your book. Hehehhehee.

"That's the plan! That's the plan! What we don't drink, I'm going to pour on you!"

Um, sorry. Don't mind me.
*sends three cabana boys*

*eyes the word-frenzy of the Bear*

*takes back two*

You can have the others when you're finished. *g*
*writes fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*
"Trot trot to Boston to buy a loaf of bread,
"Home again home again the horse fell dead."

::exhausts self just watching::

Pass me a used cabanna boy when you've done with one - fresh would be too tiring.
*eyes Bear* The way she's going, you can probably take the first one - he's toast.

And I can see I'm going to a bigger stock. *steals some cabana boys from Chance*
Love the chapter titles, even knowing nothing about the book. That's good. The reader riffling through at the bookstore, or glancing at the index will be intrigued, maybe enough to buy.
That's my hope. assuming Roc lets me keep 'em, of course.
Sounds wonderful. Just you sneak up close behind you, and give yourself a kiss!
*loffs the phil fan*
I am continually inspired by your word meter. *g*
Being a native New Yorker who currently lives in the Boston area, I find the titles intriguing...