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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

Day Seven: I actually begin to think it may be breaking, and the alien embryos may be about to fly free! I am coughing and sniffling more than I have been, but I no longer feel fevered and exhausted, and I actually managed to sleep last night. The aches and pains continue, but seem somehow less significant. Mostly now, I'm annoyed by the damned sneezing.

Also, happy Juneteenth!

Progress notes for 19 June 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 2,994
Total Words: 139,361 / 155,250
Notecards eviscerated/added/remaining: 4 / 1 / 9
Pages: 621. Yep, I'm going to hit probably 660 on this. Which is actually tidily close to the same length as B&I.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
155,250 / 160,000
Reason for stopping: Not so much stopping as taking a break to play with pens, and covet a shiny but unnecessary toy. *covet* Oo, it's marked down. And it comes in fine point. *covet* Bad Bear. No!
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe was naggy earlier, and Paladin was mopey. It's like The Other Seven Dwarves
Stimulants: Third pot of tea. You?
Exercise: none
Mail: The nomailman finally finished with my Locus and handed it over. (Seals broken, as usual: you think I'm kidding!) and there's a v. nice blog review of Hammered over here by heatherkward. I'm not actually even certain the books quite that good, but I am certainly not going to complain. *g*
Today's words Word don't know: flensed, wistfulness, triskelion, dumbass
Tyop du jour: n/a
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Kristine Smith, Code of Conduct; Richard Overy, Russia's War: A History of the Soviet War Effort, 1941-1945
Interesting research tidbits of the day: n/a
Other writing-related work: n/a


An amusing bit of synchronicity:

Today's Word of the Day from AskOxford: branks (a/k/a a scold's bridle) which object of torture is a fairly major plot point in The Stratford Man, I think it's not too spoilery to say.

slithytove talks about the Lester Dent school of plotting


I really want to read the new John Crowley novel. Maybe in November. *g* Yeah.


Your mammals are the PMS dwarves!
Branks: I first ran across that word/idea in an Atwood story -- something about an archaeology project in a bog? I don't remember the story title or the plot, but my horror of the brank itself has lingered.

(I'm hoping that The Stratford Man isn't the story in question, since I don't know, and can't Google to tell me, what you're referring to...)

No, The Stratford Man is my Elizabethan theatre novel, I'm afraid. I was unclear and bad. *g*
I'm glad you liked the review :) (For anyone reading this and who didn't realise, I've also been known to comment on eBear's LJ via my other persona, heathwitch. So ... yea.)

That pen is gorgeous, and you've managed to re-introduce me to the Levenger store -- *le sigh* -- which has the potential to be A Very Bad Place For My Credit Card To Hang Out. And to think I'd almost managed to forget it existed ;p

And lucky you -- finally getting Locus from the postie. I will have to attack mine the moment he appears on the horizon in the morning, though somehow I think the Atlantic crossing will take some time...

Hope you get better soon! *hugs*

another Pen Person?

Whoa - Please tell me that you don't collect pens.
Life is good. I ordered a copy of Scardown at the local book vendor. It's supposed to arrive in 7-10 days.

Re: another Pen Person?

Hee. If you look in my lj interests, you will see "fountain pen neepery" listed, I fear.


I don't so much collect them as really reall really like them. *g* And occasionally buy one that I can't talk myself out of.

The titanium nib intrigues me. And I don't have a blue one....

*bad bear*


Re: another Pen Person?

*nod* on the flexible nib. Though I like the steel nib on my Cross because it has such lovely ink flow--I can write fast, I just don't *really* touch the paper with it.

pretty pretty pretty.

Re: another Pen Person?

Hock it! *g* Get a fountain pen!

Re: another Pen Person?

People have no clue how awful ballpoints are if that's what they've been using.

Re: another Pen Person?

*g* I fill up *notebooks* with longhand. I will stick to fountain pens and rollerballs. My hands thank me.

Re: another Pen Person?

I'm scattershot. I do a lot of roughing out in manuscript, and I write in lines and in movie theatres and anywhere else in the handy dandy notebook I carry with me, so there's a lot of handwritten notes--but I also do a lot of composing on keyboard. When a scene's not flowing on the computer, I go and take the notebook and write longhand. For some reason it's often easier.

I try not to fetishize anything about my process, other than the act of getting words on paper.

Re: another Pen Person?

Sanny and I found a "Glass Pen" in San Francisco. The whole thing, including the nib is glass - and that means having to "Dip" to get ink.
Very Cool.

Re: another Pen Person?

Oh, and thank you for the pre-order. *g*

So, what are your preferences in pens?

Re: another Pen Person?

well, My personal favorite is Pelican - I have the set in Green stripes.
Others I own include Mont Blanc, Parker, and Rotoring (sp?). I have not bought any more pens - too many in the spinner on the desk - look to the left of the monitor on my desk picture. You'll see some of the damage.
You're welcome for the pre-order. It might mean that they'll start stocking it. I found Hammered on the shelf and when I did I said, "Here she is. NO, she's not related to Greg."
He nodded and asked what I thought of Hammered - Your ears should be burning.

Re: another Pen Person?

My Mom has a Pelican, which I have coveted for years. My favorites are usually Watermans or Crosses--I like Mont Blancs a lot to, but I'm not sure they're enough better than Watermans to make up the difference in price.

I often buy second-hand pens, or inherit them from my mom, who is in general mad for the things and is hard on them, so I have several broken ones from her.

Right now the box on my desk holds an Empire that might write again someday if I get the bladder replaced (it was a gift from tanaise who found it in a rummage sale, and it rattles when you shake it. ooo. :-( ), a Sheaffer, two Parkers--neither of which like the dry Las Vegas climate and need to be soaked every week or so if I want to use them, a hand-me-down "Diplomat" (whatever that is) with a cracked cap, two lovely Watermans (A Silk and a Laureate, both pre-owned), and the brass-barreled steel-nibbed lacquer Cross that's my workhorse pen, despite the tendency to explode at random intervals and the difficulty of getting cartriges here in Vegas.

Somewhere in a drawer is a burgundy Mont Blanc that I have never been able to make work properly.

I've also lost a lot of pens over the years, sad to say. When I worked in offices and/or took classes and/or moved house many times in a short period, I misplaced two Mont Blancs (one my high school graduation gift, which I lost when I was thrown by a Morgan gelding at UConn), a Sheaffer (the only Sheaffer I've ever liked), a beautiful green Cross Townshend that was a gift from netcurmudgeon and that I still mourn (*fabulous* pen), and more Waterman Phileases than you could shake a stick at.

Although I'm getting better about it. The Townshend was the last one i lost, and I still want to replace it.

So, yeah, I have three pens that work well and that I like--although I don't *love* any of them, but I suspect a lot of that is Las Vegas, because fountain pens hate it here--and the last thing I need is more pens. But I am really coveting that Levenger pen. And the Pelikan M215 that I've had my eye on for ages. And someday I'll get myself another Mont Blanc--the skinny Meisterstuck, not the fat one: I have big hands for a girl, but not that big. (And I'll probably buy it secondhand. Because I am a big ol' cheapskate.)

I figure if I spend ten hours a day writing, and a significant portion of that longhand, extravagant pens that make the writing pleasant rather than nassssssssty are a defensible passion. *g* Although my inner Marxist lectures me when I start to covet too much.
Third pot of tea. You?

Half a pot of gunpowder green, and during the communal solstice reading of As You Like It, a cider.

good man
*Covets most generously*



Side by side, you and I....
*Self justification*

I did kind of make the unofficial rule that I get to buy one pen per book sold, which kind of means that I do OWE myself four pens. Um, right?

That seems like a logical thing to buy one's self as a book selling present.
Hee. Well, the Hammered pen is a secondhand Laureat, and is indeed a bit battered. But writes pretty. The Scardown pen took two tries to order, and I think Waterman's discontinued them--the "Silk." I should have got it in fiscia, but I didn't know the book would be BRIGHT PURPLE then. And the Worldwired pen is the Parker that hates Las Vegas. *g*

Which means the Blood & Iron pen would probably be that Pelikan, and the Carnival pen could be the itan.... *covet*

Oh, dear.

I'm talking myself into this.

But it'll have to wait until I get paid.
And shiny! And pretty! And making the evil last two chapters fly by!

Maybe when I get paid I will buy myself some pens. *g* 'cause it's a traidtion, right? They must be upheld!