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December 2021



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bear by san

Chapter 29 is dead. Death and destruction ho!


It's in the Kelpie's mane. (Oddly enough, it is.) If you can get it, you can have it!
I finally got around to reading Hammered this weekend. (It's harder-edged and more complex than most of the fiction I've been reading; I just needed to be in the proper mindset to pay enough attention.) I assume you're used to people's reaction being "Wow," by now. Mine was.

But I also kept thinking, "I wonder if Carl Feynman has read this?" Richard Feynman son actually works (or maybe worked) in AI. I remember coming across his stuff way back in the ancient history of the Net. This was long before Amazon, even before the World Wide Web, in the mid 80's. There was an Internet program you could run where you put in several of your favorite musicians/bands and it would suggest others you might like. The more data you and other people gave it, the more accurate it could get. Of course Amazon and other retailers do something similar now, but it was pretty amazing to me back then.
That's actually one of the freaky things about using real people in fiction--or even, in this case, facsimiles of real people, because of course the Feynman AI isn't Richard Feynman, although he's been programmed to think of himself that way.

I always sort of wonder, though, what the families would think.

I have something that involves Elvis, too.
Well, it's not being Feynman at least eliminates the possibility of him thinking "She got that bit wrong," as you can blithely blame it on the limits of the AI. On the other hand it's a tribute to Feynman and it's in his (Carl's) own field. I've never met the man, but I'm sort of guessing his first response would be "Cool."
but I'm sort of guessing his first response would be "Cool."

Which would, ofcourse, be cool. *g*
*g* Just realized that I skipped right past the complement and commented on the next bit. No, I hope I never get used to people saying "wow." *g* And I hope I don't stop earning it, either.

Thank you!
You rock!

When can I read? ::big shit-eating grin::
Hah! When it sucks less, maybe....
Don't let the suck monkeys win.

That was your random slogan for today.
And a v. good slogan it is.