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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Who says there ain't no justice?


Even if its wheels do sometimes grind exceeding slow.
Some justice. Assuming they got the right guy, how many more years are they really taking away from him? He got the 40 years of life and freedom which were taken away from the victims of that crime.

Favorite Pen

Lets see. Seven fountain pens is a collection - especially if they each have a story to tell in ink and with their acquisition. My collection is not as large (six). My favorite is the pen I bought when I made partner with my group. It is the Pelican 600 green striped dude with nice flow, right size and feel in my left hand. It fills only from a bottle. Absolute favorite. Second favorite is a Parker ?Diplomat? in blue mottle. It came when we moved from the old house to the new. It has an equally nice feel, but the ink flow is more than I like - causes more feathering than needs be.
Used in personal defense: The black Rotoring pen with steel nib. It lives in my Ham Radio Alert kit (unloaded but with ink cartridges to hand). It weighs a ton, BUT it has been driven over without a blink. The ball pen, pencil, and roller ball also live in the case. They hibernate well. Come to work when called and don't give up.
More to Follow (MTF).