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BPAL: Fallen

The BPAL imp order came. I figure I'll work through them one a day, in order not to overwhelm my senses.

Today's, in honor of the seemingly endless climax of Whiskey & Water (which is only going to get longer, because I'm not sure exactly how much writing I'll get done during SFRA) I'm wearing:


BPAL Description:

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heav'n. This is our song to Lucifer, Lucis Ferre, Heosphoros, the Morning Star, the Brilliant One and the Son of the Morning. He is equated with Samhazai, the Heaven-Seizer, and Azazel, one of the 200 Fallen Angels of Enoch. The essence of overweening pride and unearthly angelic beauty. A regal scent, glowing darkly, elegant and patrician, but unfathomably desolate. Cherubic white sandalwood and golden musk with a dark halo of amber, a breath of imperial florals, unbending woods, and the shadow cast by vetiver and violet.

My Notes:

Vial: potent sandalwood and musk, nicely balanced, with a trace of the violets almost overwhelmed by the other scents.

Wet: this seems to disappear on my skin at first, even with a liberal application. I'm mostly smelling sandalwood. Not picking up the amber. No idea what vetiver smells like; the violet has vanished.

Drydown: Oh, there's the musk back. And maybe a hint of florals. Ooo. spice! There's the amber, and heady too, lifting up out of the scent and sort of floating off my skin. I can't smell it with my wrist against my face--that's all sandalwood--but give it a little distance and there it is, sweet resinous amber. Volatilizing nicely. That must be what they mean by "a dark halo." I wonder if that sharpness is the vetiver? What does vetiver smell like, anyway? Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral? I think it tickles my nose.

Dry: Yeah baby. Okay, that balances out nicely, into a sweet-spicy kind of interplay that varies depending on where my wrists and hair are in relation to my face.

Minority Opinions:

Boy: Small grunt of approval

Dogs: Underwhelmed

No cats could be located for comment.

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