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Day two of SFRA survived. I read "Sounding," which seemed to go overwell, and Steve read a bit of the new Vlad book, which went over v. well. (No shock there.)

Man, the smoke out there from the wildfires is something fierce. Everything smells like burning wood, my hair sticks to my head after ten minutes outside, and the sunlight is orange. I'm sure this is helping clear up my cough. Uh huh.

Progress notes for 24 June 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 1,787
Total Words: 150,224 / 166,500
Notecards burninated/added/remaining: 1 / 0 / 5
Pages: 666

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
166,500 / 170,000
I am so bored with this book. I need an amanuensis. I need a screwdriver to pry the last scene in this chapter out of my brain. I need a lightning bolt of inspiration to make this last damned fight scene interesting.

Are we there yet?

One more scene in ths chapter. And then the denouement. pushpushpushpushpush.

Reason for stopping: My brain jammed.
Mammalian Assistance: none
Stimulants: diet Coke, god help me.
Exercise: none
Mail: Edit letter
Today's words Word don't know: unmasterable, bedframe
Tyop du jour: grunt in paid
Darling du jour: I cannot write a word I do not hate today.
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Kristine Smith, Code of Conduct; Richard Overy, Russia's War: A History of the Soviet War Effort, 1941-1945
Interesting research tidbits of the day: n/a
Other writing-related work: read over the edit letter for Blood & Iron and tried not to panic too much. Fortunately, I've learned how to exposit better since I wrote this book. I'm printing out a hard copy now to start the re-editing process.

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