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We were cut from the same surly star

superversive on the latest fanfiction kerfuffle. (I'm not seeing as many anti-fanfic opinions this go-around. Is everybody tired?)

On the related topic of derivative works, elisem has parodied my livejournal whining about the end of this book, and turned it into a thing of beauty and wisdom. "A Poem About Writing."

And I've figured out the damned problem. And maybe Carel should be forced to take back that thing she just unexpectedly did. Because I can't figure out why she'd do it.

Oh wait, I know why she did it. I got scenes out of order, I did. And of course angels can be in more than one place at once....

I fix now! Yay! And then go to SFRA around lunchtime.

I forgot to mention, Mysterious Galaxy had recieved permission from Bantam to bring copies of Scardown to SFRA, so they were in the dealer's room, and I held and petted them. And signed some, too. Also, was wowed by the pastel cover for the MM paperback of The Dispossessed they had on display. That's one great cover.

It'll look dated as hell in fifteen years, but boy is it one great cover now!


I think it's like Lucifer getting the best lines. Villains get the best song lyrics.

And soon the moon will smolder
And the winds will drive.
Yes, a man grows older,
But his soul remains alive.
All those tremulous stars still glitter.
And I will survive.
Let my heart grow colder
And as bitter as a falcon in the dive.
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