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pursuant to the girl cooties theory of science fiction

[12:08] katallen: so there are two Campbell awards
[12:09] leahbobet: Yep.
[12:09] leahbobet: The not-a-Hugo and a juried one.
[12:09] katallen: ::rolls eyes::
[12:09] leahbobet: Obviously we need more influential editors in SF. *g*
[12:11] matociquala: Gee, why not a Judith Merril award?
[12:11] leahbobet: The Datlow Award for Sheer Imposingness.
[12:11] matociquala: Oh right, she's a girl.
[12:12] matociquala: Nope, Ellen's a girl too.
[12:12] matociquala: :-P
[12:12] leahbobet: Damn.
[12:12] leahbobet: *casts around*
[12:12] leahbobet: Um, um...
[12:12] leahbobet: :-P
[12:13] matociquala: Can't just go naming awards after girls.
[12:13] matociquala: Unless they're awards that have to do with girlness.
[12:13] matociquala: or gender.
[12:13] matociquala: 'cause women have that.
[12:13] matociquala: Actually, there *is* the Norton award now too.
[12:13] leahbobet: *thinks* yeah, the Lydia Langstaff is a girl award too.
[12:14] leahbobet: You have to be a girl for it.
[12:14] matociquala: So I'm being slightly unfair.
[12:14] matociquala: But that's for YA, because babies are a girl problem.
[12:14] leahbobet: Well, you get to have an award if you're a girl with a boy name.
[12:14] leahbobet: Because it confuses, y'see.
[12:14] matociquala: Maybe the Judith Merril award for SF story most likely to become an instant classic....
[12:15] matociquala: That'd be fair.
[12:15] matociquala: The Ellen Datlow Girl Cootie Award.
[12:15] leahbobet: LOL
[12:15] matociquala: You could award it to men, as long as they have girl cooties.
[12:15] leahbobet: Okay, please tell me someone's blogging this one.
[12:15] matociquala: like John Kessel, say

(Shh. I have 1500 words. It's lunch break.)
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