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BPAL: Fenris Wolf

BPAL Description:

The raw, untamable power of chaos. Rosewood, amber, red musk and a dribble of red sandalwood.

My Notes:

Vial: musk and maybe a little rosewood. Mostly musk.

Wet: musk, and kind of thin musk at that.

Drydown: rosewood emerging, but not very much. I *love* rosewood, and that's what I really wanted from this one, alas--and it's not very strong. It's almost vanished on my skin five minutes after application. :-( But, what remains is a light resinous woody scent, that's very pretty, just not in any particular as strong as I would like.

Dry: Rosewood and a little bit of musk. Very light. Very nice. Kind of polite as untamable powers of Chaos go. Must have gone a little heavy on the beards of women this time.


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