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What we do for a living:

[11:27] leahbobet: (850, and we are officially in the land of Has No Point)
[11:28] matociquala: And yet still outwriting me
[11:28] leahbobet: Doesn't matter if it has not a point.
[11:29] matociquala: *trips leah and sits on her*
[11:29] matociquala: *g*
[11:29] matociquala: I'm in the land of exposition.
[11:30] matociquala: Apparently, the laconic Mr. Kusanagi-Jones is now determined to explain everything under the sun.
[11:30] matociquala: Wanna trade?
[11:30] leahbobet: *is sat on*
[11:30] leahbobet: Hee -- give him a TV show.
[11:30] leahbobet: Kusanagi-Jones Explains It All.
[11:31] matociquala: LOL
[11:31] matociquala: He's explained Assessment, and Diaspora, and the Vigil.
[11:31] matociquala: And now he wants to explain Old Earth Naming Conventions
[11:31] matociquala: I may let him. :-P
[11:31] matociquala: Maybe he can get the backstory on the art fetishism in there too
[11:33] matociquala: Awww. Big macho spy gets sniffly over a dead girl's sculpture.
[11:33] matociquala: Poor spy.
[11:34] matociquala: We knew you were queer when you majored in art history, son.
[11:34] leahbobet: Heeeee.

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