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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

What we do for a living:

[11:27] leahbobet: (850, and we are officially in the land of Has No Point)
[11:28] matociquala: And yet still outwriting me
[11:28] leahbobet: Doesn't matter if it has not a point.
[11:29] matociquala: *trips leah and sits on her*
[11:29] matociquala: *g*
[11:29] matociquala: I'm in the land of exposition.
[11:30] matociquala: Apparently, the laconic Mr. Kusanagi-Jones is now determined to explain everything under the sun.
[11:30] matociquala: Wanna trade?
[11:30] leahbobet: *is sat on*
[11:30] leahbobet: Hee -- give him a TV show.
[11:30] leahbobet: Kusanagi-Jones Explains It All.
[11:31] matociquala: LOL
[11:31] matociquala: He's explained Assessment, and Diaspora, and the Vigil.
[11:31] matociquala: And now he wants to explain Old Earth Naming Conventions
[11:31] matociquala: I may let him. :-P
[11:31] matociquala: Maybe he can get the backstory on the art fetishism in there too
[11:33] matociquala: Awww. Big macho spy gets sniffly over a dead girl's sculpture.
[11:33] matociquala: Poor spy.
[11:34] matociquala: We knew you were queer when you majored in art history, son.
[11:34] leahbobet: Heeeee.


We knew you were queer when you majored in art history, son.

*snerks* *majored in art history* But then I'm a girl, so I think it's different. I think.

(And looking back, I don't think there WERE any male art history majors at my school, and I was one of the few AH majors who WANTED to major in it, and didn't major in it because they couldn't get into studio art.)

Dog Farts

And I thought that my Black Labrador - Abby - was the only one to do this and mostly when she's asleep. One minute, there's peace the next, folks are waving their hands and towels and running from the room!
You posted first.

Re: Dog Farts

There are no fartless dogs.

If you could invent the fartless dog, you would make a killing.