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BPAL: Aglaea

BPAL Description:

Three golden ambers, bright musk, peach wine and myrtle

My Notes:

Vial: Food! Smells like ripe peaches. Maybe a faint undertone of musk.

Wet: Peaches! Peachy peaches. This is not a perfume, this is a snack food. It's muskier in my cleavage than on the wrists, though. Mm. Peaches. It's been ages since I had a good peach. 2002. I think. What does myrtle smell like? None of that, I don't think, and definitely no amber.

Drydown: Oh, that must be the myrtle. Anyway, there's a floral note. It's nothing like crape myrtle, which is the only myrtle I know, but it's definitely some kind of a plant. And amber, a little, and still the peach. It's very peachy, but kind of meh. I'm sure somebody would like this. But I don't.

Dry: Peaches. And maybe a little bit of amber. Ick.

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