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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

the number of the beast (unreformed)

There are 666 people with this journal friended today.

If you've never commented, please do feel free to introduce yourself.

In other news, I don't expect there will be radio silence, per se. But contact may be spotty. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


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BPAL? What does it mean?


Friend of the Beast

...or should that be vice versa? I get confused.

I'm not surprised that the whole of lj wants to read you - that was only a matter of time. But even you, Stakhanovite though you are, can't be undertaking to read the whole of lj...

Re: Friend of the Beast

*g* They only let me friend 750 people. I had to stop.

But I do skim the whole list from time to time.

Not daily, though.

Hi! :)

I'm Liz, an aspiring SF/F writer. I have a strange fascination with reading writer's journals (not in a stalker way, though. Yet.) Your short fiction is very neat, and I plan to pick up Hammered one of these days. ;)

Re: Hi! :)

Hi, Liz! Thank you, and come on in!
I can never remember if I do these before.

I actually found you via someone on my flist pointing over here for something profound you had said (which, unfortunately for my sieve like memory, I can't remember what). I poked around and thought you were very interesting and settled in.
I can never remember the profound bits either.... So we're agood.

hey, sin't the Beastly number REALLY supposed to be 661? =^~,0^=
616, these days. *g* I think.

Which is why it's (unreformed)
No, no, no. According to Heinlein, the number of the beast is 6^6^6! And them we can all join in inter-dimensional sex with ourselves and have nipples that go "Spung!"

I so love 'The Number of the Beast'. It's the best book in the world, ever.

I should probably put a smiley there or something, shouldn't I? Is there one for irony?
There was a suggestion for ironics, a font that would lean in the opposite direction from italics, but I don't believe it's been implemented.
In a neatly organised universe, we'd now all ensure there were 666 comments too. (Hi, again. I think I introduced myself somewhile back, but who knows in this memeory sink?)
I think you did. And I think I said I loved you lj name.
Hello, I've commented a couple of times, but never actually introduced myself.

I'm Annie. I write fantasy novels, though I haven't been able to sell them yet. Directed to you by my friends list, and I find your progress as a professional inspiring.

I'm not sure what else to say without rambling, so I'll stop here :D
Helo, and hello. And keep writing. *g*
Hey. I'm not certain, but I have probably never commented on your journal. I think I followed cheshyre here as part of some Shakespeare discussion, and your chatty journal style led me to friend you. And then I read LJ once every few months and miss most of it anyway. ;-)
*g* Well, welcome in, and I'm sure there will be more Shakespeare eventually...
Howdy. Just friended you...last month? I think. I found you through copperwise, if I remember right. I meant to say something at the time but ... you seemed awfully busy to bother with trivia. *smile* Your journal seemed interesting and you seem intelligent.

I be one of a legion of aspiring writers without enough motivation (yet) to accomplish much; energies going in different directions. So even on days when you're struggling...hell, especially on days when you're struggling...it's helpful to read about your process. Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.
Well, welcome in, and I hope I give good service!
Found you through cmpriest. Your journal is robust and intelligent. I am a professor; reading writers' journals keeps me honest *smile*.
Shucks. *g* Robust! Why thank you. And welcome!
Hi, friended you a while back but haven't commented until now. Have a great one!
Thanks! You too!
Having friended you very recently, I'm curious to know if I was lucky number 666.
No idea. *g* I check about once a week....
Hi, I found you through your agent's weblog, then when I discovered you, too, lived in Vegas, I stuck. It's nice to know someone is out there doing the same thing I am (though more consistantly and with better results). I write dark urban fantasy, and my agent is pimping the first of a series in NYC right now (okay ... has been for six months now. Is that a long time in the publishing world?)
Anyway, I pop in every day to see how you're doing. Congrats on all your recent success, much deserved!
Six months is not a long time in the publishing world.

Despite the computer, we still move at the speed of Guttenberg.
Hi! I found you through a slew of mutual friends IRL (who I don't get to see anymore as I've more or less gafiated, but I digress) and added you to my reading list because I like the way you think (and write). I'm not sure if we've met in person, but I think the odds are pretty high that we have. I used to be one of those WisCon people and for a while I was one of those Readercon people.

Oh, and btw, I laughed pretty hard at Green Eggs and Hamlet.
Welcome! And hello!
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