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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I'm working on the Blood & Iron revisions. You know, not only do I write better now than I did when I last working on this book (god, the sentence level work. is ass.) but it just occured to me that the earliest version of this scene--the first meeting of Kelpie and Seeker--is eighteen years old.

It's old enough to vote.

It's been rewritten at least eleven times that I can think of. And large chunks of it are getting white-papered this time, because it has no line of direction at all.

I wonder if any of the original text remains.



W&W is--THANKFULLY--better written.

Phew. *g*
"Sentence level work" and "line direction." Hmm, I'm curious. Wouldn't happen to have links to definition/discussion of these, would you?
If it's too much of a bother, sorry. Just got all curious.
Check in my memories, under "writing technique."

I clicked away from the page, and thought "Oh! I should check her memories," about ten seconds after posting.


no need to apologize!
Interesting combination of icon and text.
Just wanted to say that Scardown arrived yesterday. *Glee*
I was hoping you'd start writing about your revision process. :)
It's really both frustrating and cool when you rewrite something from way before, and see how far you've come.

I guess my oldest short story is about 8 years old. You babysat (critiqued) her when she was a wee lass. She's just undergone a massive rewrite. You'd barely recognize her now.
I wonder if any of the original text remains.

All of the "the"s, I'd wager.
Well, you're good enough that Scardown kept me up too late finishing. Just I as thought we were gliding into denoument, wham, another jolt of adrenalin. (The arrival of thos Other Ships.)

However, the inhouse rocket scientist/generic hand waving physicist says your rock is too small to do that... He says, off the top of his head, it'd need to about a 20 meter rock of around 30-40 thousand tons. Scientists. They're never happy. (He is, however, always happy to be consulted/answer questions and his rates are cheap, generally free for skiffy writers.)

I'm looking forward to Worldwired with great eagerness. I have thought for some time now that it would be very nearly impossible to communicate with intelligences whose evolution is wildly divergent from ours. I mean, we have enough trouble with other hairless apes. Really looking forward to seeing how you've handled it.



*g* Your inhouse scientist is welcome to duke it out with the geologist and the physicist who did my math, and the online astronomical impact calculator that I doublechecked it on. I will stand on the side and wave banners of encouragement, and buy the last scientist standing a beer.

It's a nickel-iron meteorite rather than an actual rock, which might be the issue of argument. They don't ablate on the way down or shatter on impact, so you get more punch when they hit...

And thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and I think you're thinking along the same lines I am, it sounds like....
oof! I am a bad puppy. I forget spoilers faster than my own name and so I often forget to warn. So sorry.

I relayed your comments to Jordin; he frowned and mumbled. He's so cute when he does that. And I'm leaving it there.

hee. If he doesn't care to do glorious battle with the other scientists, I can buy him a beer anyway. Or a lemondae, if he's not a beer type guy... *g*

I can't stand by my own math, because I didn't do any!