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I'm in the bar in the Minneapolis Sheraton, drinking Laphroaig with a tonic and lime on the side, and working on B&I revisions while I await my 3:30 panel. It's weird being at a convention all by myself. I have so much time on my hands!

I'm not much of a panel-goer or party crawler, you see: I go to cons mostly to see people I don't get to see usually.

But the revisions are proceeding. I sent chapters 1-3 to Liz for her opinion (of course, she won't see them until Wednesday) and I'm to page ~130. Maybe a fifth of the way done. Working on what will be chapter 7.

I feel like all this new exposition is a bit more heavyhanded than I like to be--I'm an incluing-focused kind of girl--but if it helps more readers get through the book in one piece, so be it. At least the prose is a lot better than the beginning of the book. There are whole pages with no green on them at all.

The signing at Uncle Hugo's was nice yesterday, and I stopped by the Dreamhaven table and signed their stock today. Eventually, I may even learn how to spell my own name....

Back to geekville, I guess.

I still have about fifteen chizine subs to get through, too. And somebody at Ideomancer just sent me two or three weeks worth of slush. *raises eyebrow*

Sheesh. I think I'll do some of that when I finish this chapter.
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