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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

*hits send*

*falls over*

*stares at Whiskey & Water*

You know, I might as well go after this damned thing now, while B&I is fresh in my head.



And there's no rest for the weary, I suppose. Not with you at least. <grin>
You have no idea how much you're inspiring me. I've been sat here, for the last few months, basically thinking, "She writes every day, even when she's ill! Even when she's away from home! And she starts work on another book as soon as she's completed a draft! That's the way to do it, oh yes."

Thank you.
There's also the very real possiblity that she's completely insane. Never discount that.
There's a three-letter diagnosis, I think. *g*
:claps, loudly:

I need more published books to pimp to everyone at work who will listen!

That makes sense. But possibly give yourself the weekend off?

But it's so much BETTER than B&I. It's like chicken soup for the writer's soul.
I definitely agree with what piapiapiano said; you are an inspiration :) Congratulations on B&I, and good luck with W&W... Brava! *hugs*
"Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else." James Barrie.

Yeah, what he said. =)
Just to let you know...

I've ordered Scardown from the US and it's on its way. However, today I met up with friends after work in Southampton (UK). We wound up running into Forbidden Planet. Guess what??? They had a import copies! So, I must talk up your work here in the UK since it's available here!!! (And I did tell my friends they must read your work. :)
Thank you!

And yes, Forbidden Planet stocks it in the UK. Also, Amazon UK will order it.
I was impressed to find it in the Southampton Forbidden Planet, which has a teensy, tiny selection of books!
Hi! Hope you're doing good! And thanks for that marvelous WSWM! It's helping me something huge.



Hey, I'm good. How have you been, hon?


Actually, getting better :-) And now the computer's back, I can actually get back in touch with my friends again.

And celebrating like crazy everytime I get new publication news for you! Keep burning up the keyboard girl! I've started telling everyone I knew you when
Hee. Wicked Rhonda.

I'm glad you're back online; you were much missed! Send email, you know where to find me.


So, working from home today, I decide to take a twenty minute reading break, and pick up Scardown at a little over half-way through. Three hours later, I've idled off my work account, because I had to finish the damn book. I hope you're satisfied. :P

Re: hrmph!

That's what we like to hear. *g*

*Hits Send*

Congratulations - Hits Send - is a VERY GOOD THING
Scardown finally arrived at the house (I had to go get even though the PROMISED that it would be sent to the house). This is also a VERY GOOD THING.
I hope Canada is being kind to you.

Re: *Hits Send*

Thank you!

And so far, so good. I'm exceedingly well-fed, anyway.