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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

153, 743 words

*kills an eight-page scene that's allvery clever and witty, but maybe not doing enough*


Poor scene.

I liked that one, too. Maybe I'll put it up on my webpage when Whiskey & Water is published, along with the ship's chapel scene that was cut from Worldwired.


Every time I hack something substantial out of a book I put in into a "delete scenes" file. The goal is not to have you deleted scenes file longer than the actual book.
Yeah, I save all the deleted stuff. I also save a book to a new file every day beforeI work on it, so I have a sort of running record of past stuff if I ever need it back.

They make 200-gig hard drives for a reason, after all...
I do the same thing :) And keep backups. Cannot afford to lose anything; never know when it may come in handy :)
A hard lesson to learn...when to cut, and cut mercilessly.

A lesson I will have to internalize, one day, if I ever start down the path.
I save as a new file with new name every time I do some major amputation/rearrangement. File names are usually numbered and dated (current version is #25, may05), but many of them have "52" in the file name to indicate I plan to chuck all the scenes into the air in a crazed game of 52 Pickup, and am attempting to make sense of them.

Hey, sometimes it works. :)
It depends. I think it's lousy advice, personally, because clever and amusing is part of what makes people want to read stories. However, learning to recognize the difference between "clever and useful" and "clever for its own sake and annoying" is a trick that takes a while.
Oh, that thing. *g* Yeah, I do that too. :-P


I hate it when I discover I've done that. It always seems so cool when I'm writing those parts.
Keep all your cut scenes. Publish them as appendices and addenda in the 'Author's Cut Anniversary Edition' in ten years, so that even people who bought the original edition will have to buy the book again! Heck, it works for DVDs.

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See how clever you are?