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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I heard one song today, and I downloaded a second, and now I may be hooked on the Kaiser Chiefs.

They sort of have a Jam/Alarm sound... with a post-Buggles sensibility.


I Predict a Riot has Smith-ish overtones, imho. Vague, but detectable.
You think? I get shades of "The Stand," "Going Underground," and "Clean, Clean."

Maybe you're right and a thrash version of "A Rush and a Push" would approximate the effect....
With that particular song, the words at the ends of lines help trigger the Smiths thing. "beaten" then "policeman" Ok, Morrissey's spending Friday night in the ER again, Johnny Marr playing jangley guitar in the background. Stop me, oh ho ho stop me...

This may be the only song that strikes me that way.
You need "I predict a Riot."

Yes you do.
Downloading as I type.

iTunes. I'm just saying.
The Kaiser Chiefs! They've been my driving soundtrack for the last month, ever since we saw them in Vancouver. If you have a chance to see them live, grab it. They are one of the most energetic acts I've ever seen.
I think they're only getting commonwealth push.

I'm sooo glad we live in Canada.

Mind you, I'm also sooo upset I didn't see their first club date in Toronto this March. We had tickets, but that was the day I somehow managed to nearly rip my toenail off. (Don't ask. I don't even know how I did it.) After which, the thought of standing in a club where someone might accidentally step on my toe no longer appealed.
synchronistically, I just split MY toe open.

Ouch. You have my sympathy. Nothing worse than a toe injury.
btw, can't thank you enough for coming out to see me. *g*
Thank *you* for making the time.

Oh, and can I just say a big "D'oh" for forgetting to get you to sign my copy of Scardown? I kept meaning to ask, and then we'd start talking about something interesting.
next trip!
They sort of have a Jam/Alarm sound... with a post-Buggles sensibility.

We're sorry, this sentence is not actually in English. We beg a translation from indy-rock-ese, on the grounds that the content seems interesting. /gratuitous royal we.
Um. It's more Punk/Eurotrash-ese. *g* And I dunno how else to express it. But the Alarm did "The Stand" and The Buggles did "Video Killed the Radio Star" if that helps any.
Actually, that helps a fair bit.

Now I'm wondering exactly why I can hum 'Video Killed the Radio Star' when I can't, in point of fact, remember what I had for lunch.

So I shall look into this band you found, then. *g*
Although I'd heard of them, I'd never heard them until Live 8, and was instantly hooked.

You have good ears.
I can't play anything, or sing, but I am not entirely a disappointment to my dad the bluesman. *g*
My first thoughts on reading that was "since when do the Kaiser Chiefs make music? They're a soccer club."

Now I know better.

I guess it would be like a Saffie band calling themselves Notts Forest ...

I stopped listening to the Radio because it's an endless repeat fest of Britney Spears and some other wench that sounds just like her, so, unfortunately, I haven't heard them yet. But I am intrigued now, oh yes indeedy ... I might even suffer through a day of radio in the hopes that maybe I'll hear them.

Actually. No. I can't do that to myself. (Anyone who has heard SA commercial stations will understand) I'll just put Diamanda Galas on repeat and get back to writing. *grin*

I heard them on WFNX when I was visiting Boston last month and I was favorably impressed, myself.

As the Killers are local to you, I expect you've heard them already? And perhaps more than just "Mr. Brightside" that's on the radio?

Check out "Smile Like You Mean It." See if you don't hear "The Killing Moon." Go on!