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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Back from San Diego, where I signed five boxes of Hammered, helped Anne give away something like 1500 other books, talked to probably ten thousand people, and walked at least twenty-five miles, and probably more.

I also almost got locked in a parking garage overnight, ate six different kinds of oysters, and got hugged by Amber Benson. Among all the other very cool and very wonderful people I met. Whom I could list. If it weren't two thirty in the morning.

All in all, a success.


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Did you come home with a broom tied to your mast? ...Sounds like a 'clean sweep' to me!
It went pretty well, all things considered....
Ouch! Hand cramp...
Both of them. But they were hands well cramped.
OMG--locked in a parking garage. Was there a bathroom?

In other news--I bought Hammered and Scardown yesterday. Found Hammered pretty quickly, but couldn't find Scardown. Huh. Looked around some more. Came back to the B aisle. DOH! *palmhead* Of course it was right there, just turned to display the face, not the spine.

Anyway, started reading Hammered in the parking lot and didn't want to stop. Had to, though--and it will be a slow process through because I have a major test to study for.

Thanks for sharing it.
Huzzah! Well, parking lots are okay... but not while driving, please? *g* I need all the readers I can get.

And thank *you.* and yay for faced-out books. Yay!
Sounds like a good time was had.

Glad you're back.

Glad it was such a success!
Thank you!
Amber Benson! *jealous*
A positively gracious individual, I might add.
Dude. There's reason number seventeen to be a published author:

Get hugs from Amber Benson.

It's going on the LIST, damn it.

I love my job.
got hugged by Amber Benson

Yeah, I've had that dream too.

(Glad you had a swell and productive time.)
Thank you!

If my hands ever stop hurting....
I would have liked to have been one of the ten thousand, but alas, am not in San Diego now. I really enjoyed Hammered.

I hope my copy of Scardown from Barnes & Noble is waiting in the mail in the next port.
I hope next year, we're in San Diego at the same time. And I second your hope.

If it isn't, drop me an email, and we'll see what we can do. I'm guessing from your lj that you're Navy?

'Cause we can make, you know, special arrangements.
You're home! Yay!

And wow... five boxes??? Ooow. But on the other hand, eminently satisfying. :)
Eminently, indeed. It went pretty well.

And I got to meet a lot of great people--fans and writers and writer/fans.
Amber Benson? *squee* :)
She was signing at the Del Rey booth.
Scardown was on the new release table at Borders- right in front of the front door!

hot damn

you got hugged by Amber Benson?

good god i need to be more famous than i am.


You just need a book to give her. *g*

Actually, she was signing *her* book at the next table, and was gracious enough to sign a copy for the boy when I snuck over and pestered her. And I have to say, she's (even) prettier in person. And just as plain nice as you'd expect.
I missed you too, beautiful. *g*

Welcome back?

Welcome back. I thought you'd dropped off the planet.

Re: Welcome back?

I was in SoCal. Almost the same thing. *g*
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