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State of the Bear

So I'm home, and I'm clearing off the pile of stuff that's accumulated on my desk. I got through the contracts for B&I and W&W and Carnival and the Novel to be Named Later today, and as soon as I hear back from Anne on one point that I suspect may need amendment, I'll send those back. Also, a couple of checks showed up today, which is all the good, although the big necessary checks must await the contracts. Apparently, mail takes two weeks to get to me from New York City.

First class mail.

No, I am not exaggerating. Weird, huh?

I also finished revisions to A Companion to Wolves and sent that back to Jenn to begin its search for love and publication.

Meanwhile, I am busy. Soon it will be time for that final rewrite of W&W, and the CEM of B&I will appear, and of course there's the first draft of Carnival to get done, but I'm letting my brain rest a little bit right now. I have a big old stack of ARCs and things purchased at ComiCon to read, and I'm planning on putting dents in that before I restart the novel. And I have about five books sitting in my crit queue, too.

Maybe I'll get back to Carnival in early August. I can tell--though I haven't been hit with a real solid bout of post-novel ennui re: Whiskey & Water, thankfully--that I'm not up to a novel right this second. And I have the luxury of a little time. And I can feel it cooking back there, bubbling away. The fact that my brain is in a sort of contemplative mode notwithstanding.

I've got one plot point I think I need to get sorted out before I go any further, because Robert and Vincent and Lesa did something that doesn't quite make sense to me. I mean, I know what they did, and I have some ideas of why they did it that way, but I need to understand the rationale a bit better. Damned books. Always bigger on the inside than on the outside, and they just won't fit inside one's head.

Meanwhile, I have all these books to read (I'm currently about a third of the way through Iron Council) and I have this dirigible murder mystery Batman story that wants to be written in nested digressions, and so I've got that to do, I think, if I can figure out how this structure is going to work. It's stunt writing, but hey.

Also, commissioned for two nonfic articles for Reflection's Edge. So by tomorrow, I need to figure out a fresh approach to writing about writing about court intrigue, so I can get a draft to the editrixen by the end of the week.

Also, we're done with the Chizine judging. Good stories, I gotta say. It about killed me to get a mere five out of my top eight choices, and I still regret two of the ones I was forced to drop from my final list.

And I just reread the General Goldfish story, and I really like it still. But man, it's weird.

In other news, rejection from Aeon. And some lovely fan mail on Scardown and Hammered (and a pretty vituperative Amazon review of Hammered, which I enjoyed enormously.)

And I have two boxes of books here to sign and mail to people.

You know, the work never actually stops. In fact, I'm not sure it even ever actually hits a lull.


We were among the lucky few who saw the Serenity final cut preview screening at ComiCon. No spoilers: but I have the same problem with the movie that I have with the show. Specifically, I hate Mal with a visceral passion, the sort of loathing that I normally reserve for Thomas Covenant, and I want to kill him with a shovel. I can sit there and feel myself getting another notch more irritated every time he opens his mouth, and in my ideal world, Zoe puts a bullet in the back of his head and they all live happily ever after. Which is why I will never be a browncoat, despite the other obvious merits of the program.

On the other paw, it's a lovely movie. Well-made, well-constructed, well-acted, amusingly scripted, mostly narratively sound, pretty to look at, and just don't think about the science and sociology too hard and you'll be just fine. Four stars, with half a star reserved for scientific stupidity and half a star reserved because I don't get to kill Mal with that shovel, even a little. Highly recommended. I think it comes out on Jenny's -7th birthday.

We also saw the Once And Future Henson Panel. Including a retrospective video that sailed through 50 years of puppetry in six minutes. Awesome stuff. I love me some puppets.

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