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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I've finally cracked.

I'm contemplating writing a story with Edmund Tylney as the protagonist. Mad. Mad, I tell you.

And if I keep writing Elizabethan stories with time-traveling historians, Connie Willis is gonna send out her hard-hitting knee-breaking peeps to have a word with me.

Although there's something just too ironical about a state censor being chiefly memorialized with a pub. An apparently not very good pub, if the online ratings can be trusted, in Surrey.

Oh, look, there's one in Brixton, too.

Road Trip!

In other news, truepenny continues kicking ass.


If Connie Willis doesn't, Kage Baker might *g* Which leads me to ask, have you read her books, particularly In the Garden of Iden?
Only her short work, which is quite good, but not really for me.
Okay, so that's a scary web-site ... but it does seem to have my local - about 400 yds away - which I've only been in once, but which I'd probably give the same rating as they have. *g*


Road Trip ... to *Brixton*? Er, well, um, your choice, of course :-)

Heck of a road trip, really.

I think I'll need to come across the pole.

Push the button, Max!
Not if you came to WorldCon *g*.

Alas. Not unless I hit the lottery, I fear. :-(

Fencing and Shakespeare and actors

Hi Bear,

You may already know about this book, but when I heard about it I instantly thought of you...

"Masters of Defence: the works of George Silver," by Paul Wagner. Paladin Press, ISBN 1-58160-424-6

This textbook has an entire chapter of fighting and Shakespeare's knowledge of it and the likelihood that his actors were formally trained to duel. I flicked through the chapter and saw mention of Marlowe and numerous other famous folk you've discussed in your posts.

Melinda from Australia

Re: Fencing and Shakespeare and actors

Thanks, Melinda. *g*

Duelling and actors are interesting topics!