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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

aaaaand back from the vet. We did three films and took blood. He's got some arthritis (age-appropriate) and there's a shape on the x-ray that could be a kidney that's the wrong shape and in the wrong place (not a problem as long as the other one works) or that could be what we euphemistically term a mass.

But he seems to have stopped vomiting. We're going to try some rice and poached chicken in a little while. I am less panicky, though, which is good--because I know whatever's going on, we're taking whatever action can be taken.

He charmed the vet, as he always does.


I hope he's okay.
good thoughts and energy for your furry child.
We have a vet appointment this evening. I'm stressing.

Still keeping good thoughts for your pup.

I am rather attached to this silly old dog.
Well, that's sort of good, I guess.

Are they going to do anything to try to determine if the shadow is something to be concerned about?
Show it to the other two vets and run bloodwork. *g*
Maybe it's just a bit of undigested potato? Here's hoping it's a benignly wonky kidney (or something equally unworrisome).
Visions of an all-dog production of "A Christmas Carol" is not something to entertain while drinking liquids. ::wipes up keyboard::

Tiny Tim's a chihuahua.
:: sends strength/health waves to Bear and Paladin::
Awww! Give kisses to the puppy for me. And maybe some Huge Hugs too.
I'm thinking strong non-mass thoughts for you and Paladin. They can be nasty things, those masses.
*hugs* I hope Paladin improves. It's scary when they worry you like that. Have got my fingers crossed here.
Oh goodness, poor you, you're going to want Paladin in another room after he eats :)

Rice and poached chicken and/or boiled ground beef is a meal that dogs love and it's extremely gentle on their stomachs and healthy for them :) When you end up taking him off of it you'll probably get the reproachful look for a few days. It also does fun things to puppy digestion.. think along the lines of baked beans in a human :P

Loki, our keetom, only has a half of a functioning kidney and has lived quite mischieviously for the past few years and she's got many more in front of her.

As far as the "mass" thing goes, they could to a biopsy, but generally they won't do any sort of invasive exploration until all else fails. Have they asked to have him come in on a semi regular basis to keep an eye on possible growth?

Older dogs often get benign masses (my old puppy Nikki had a ton of them) that as long as they're watched cause no harm.

Cancer is something to be aware about, but it sounds more to me that someone was suffering a little heat stroke. Rapid heart beat, vomiting, and excessive panting are all indications of an animal getting overheated. So's the diarhea. The whole body gets thrown out of wack.

Anyway, I'm not a vet yet, so here's to hoping the puppy feels better, and enjoys his special meals.

many cuddles. :)
*g* No chance of heat stroke: He's an indoor dog. (it's regularly 115 here in the summer; he's not out for more than a few minutes at a time in these temps) But thank you.

My mom's a breeder, and I've had dogs for... um, a lot of years. So I'm familiar with most of the common problems.

But, of course, I always appreciate input from an expert.

And this is why I should never open my mouth :P

What kind of dogs does your mom breed? (I somehow feel like I may have asked this question already)

(ps. I'm by no means an expert. Maybe someday, but probably not so much :))
expert in training?

No really, I do appreciate it.

This is my mom:


Sick Dog

Did he get into chocolate?

Re: Sick Dog

No. He's just old....
*hugs* I hope that everything turns out well. We are going through the vet routine, here, too. It's stressful, but it does feel good to know you are doing all you can. My thoughts are with you guys.