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I think I'm still overtired from my loooong trip. I slept eight hours last night and would probably still be in bed if the gray dog hadn't wanted out.

My new favorite word this week is "eucatastrophe." (It was the Oxford word of the Day this morning.)

Carnival is determined to be difficult. I suspect, in fact, that it's going to be difficult all the way through, damned book. Although I think I have the plot figured out (it's really not all that intricate, but it plays intricate on TV) and I have a stack of notecards here of things I need to remember to do, so that's something.

I think I'm going to reread what I have this morning, and see what it sparks. It's be nice if I could get some momentum on this sucker. I'd like to have a draft by the end of August / early September, which is when I have to revise (thankfully it doesn't look like a rewrite but just a tweak) Whiskey & Water.

Ee. I'm almost out of summer. e.

First, shower and tea, though. And maybe pants. Pants would be good.
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