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December 2021



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all the words are gonna bleed from me and I will think no more

Maybe I'll just read all these books on my desk before I try to write the other half of this novel. Because really, my brain is quite numb.

I think the post-novel ennui finally hit.

*falls over*

*gets up*

*falls over on the other side*

*stays there for a while.*

piping voice: "Somebody hand down that copy of Iron Council up there, would you? I'm going to finish this book if it kills me."


It's good for what ails you.

Mid Novel Blues

This Mid-Novel blooos sounds painful. Keep breathing. Life is good especially after reading a novel or two.

Re: Mid Novel Blues

*g* It's a combination of dreaded middle of the book and just being good and burned out after finishing W&W and rewriting B&I. *g*
If your reading pile is like mine, interrupting writing to do all the reading would take a very long time. Hope you enjoy your reading break, but I selfishly don't want you to stop too long. I'm enjoying Scardown too much not to want lots more of your books on the horizon. :)
Speaking of reading, I now have 11.5 lbs of manuscript in a bag downstairs. [Immense gratitude to a friend who was able to print it at work. Ironically enough, I repaid her with Firefly and Serenity stuff.]

Before I start reading, I think I'm going to try to find an extra-large binder clip and some post-it flags (because otherwise any marginal notes will just get lost).

Just FYI.
Every time I look at that damned manuscript, I have an immense rush of gratitude that while I may have to *revise* that book, I never have to *rewrite* it again.

And thank you. *g*
BTW, JKRowling's recent interview has inspired some interesting discussions on authorial intent and authorial self-knowledge, here, for example which you might appreciate if you're cat-waxing.
Wow. That's a bit aggressive.
Well, there's been a lot of heat in HP fandom this week between those who correctly interpreted JKR's clues about who would hook up, and those who are (in some ill-chosen words) "delusional".

I think amanuensis1 and icarusancalion finally pinpointed the disconnect: character-driven readers in love with the story of a plot-driven writer. Effective hints for solving a mystery are different from those anticipating interpersonal developments, and all that.
I actually mean, aggressive toward the author. What I was picking up (at least from the conversation you linked, although I will admit to not reading all of it because it made me very uncomfortable) was a lot of "the writer's interpetation of what's going on is invalid."

Which, especially in this context--that of an ongoing series--seems to me to indicate that the writer has no right to move characters he or she invented in ways that contravene fanon. (As if the writer can be expected to know about fanon, or work toward it). I think that's as problematic as the authoritarian model--"I craft the true and perfect stories, and implant them directly in your brain,"--which of course is bullpucky, because storytelling is a dialogue, and if it weren't, there would *be* no latitude of interpretation.

*g* I haven't read the new book, and probably won't (I skimmed more than half of the last one), but I can tell you my off the cuff predictions for the end of the series based on what I've seen so far.

*g* (And I can hear the fanwank already, if it comes out the way I think.)
If it's any consolation, I just finished Scardown, which did in fact rock. I look forward to your take on The Singularity, even if it's an swipe.

all the words are gonna bleed from me and I will think no more

It is also possible you've been watching too much Paranoia Agent.


Well, no so much a swipe as, well, I'm not sure I believe in the Rapture of the Geeks.

I like Strossian singularities, though. (Hi, ! How does it feel to be an adjective?)
What's so special about the Strossian Singularity, as compared to those of anyone else?
That is a fifteen minute lecture, I'm afraid. *g* But if you google around, you can probably figure it out.
The fact that he's the only one who considers economic ramifications? That seems to be the most "Strossian" characteristic.
And it's less rapture of the geeks and more history as one-way gate. *g*
Huh. Good point. Now compare/contrast with the Elizabethean (why not, everyone else is doing it :D ) Singularity.
Sorry. Books to write. *g* and I try not to get into SFF theoretical wankery.
Heh. I shall wank alone then.

... that didn't come out quite right.
*g* Notice the (wo)manful way I avoid commenting on the whole mundane SF deal?


It's more fun watching Dr. Who...
P.S. thank you. *g*
Most welcome, you are.

Question: I know I've seen the term "Snowball earth" somewhere before Scardown; did it emerge from discussions with a science-type or did you come up with it yourself?

Not mine; it's been kicking around climatology circles for a while....