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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I made it almost a month.

I was going to try to talk less about politics here, because really, nobody cares what I think about politics. And it's my day job.

But today, synchronicity demands notice, if not comment.


From the NYT, registration required:

Suicide Bomber Kills at least 25 in Baghdad Police Station

Death Toll Rises to at Least 90 in Bombings at Egyptian Resort

Britain Says Man Killed by Police Had No Tie to Bombings


Mike's Summer Daydream


Someone died on Friday morning. A lot of people celebrated that death, revelled in it, excused it, called for more exactly the same. katallen (a Brit)

I am never been so glad I am female, small, middle-class looking, and that I have very, very pale skin. Although come to think of it, if twenty big men started running towards me shouting things and brandishing guns, I might run too, so not even I can't feel a hundred percent safe. annafdd (an Italian)


I have no words today. I can only refer you to the words of others.



Your links say more than any babble from me or thee.
I tend to leave the commentary to people more adept at it than I. All I can do is nod and wonder what in hell happened.
It's not that the world is any more insane now that it was in previous years. It's just that we know about it so quickly, in all the details, and it tends to build like coral. Or, more appropriately, a dunghill.

I loved Doonsbury today. Sometimes he still nails it just right.
Er. I cut out the personal stuff from my post and placed it in another entry, friends-locked. My fault.

Next time I'm not going to be memorable right in the next paragraph to the one in which I say my boss should never give me any more work. :-)
Whups. *g* Sorry about that.
Nah, don't worry. I should really put those things behind a lock, but I have a couple of friends who follow me and don't have an LJ. Grumble.
Yes, lots of police officers not in police uniform went racing after a Brazilian electrician in London, a man whom people now say may not have had good enough English to understand what they were saying. :(

I'll be on the tube tomorrow, btw.
May I ask what your day job is?
I write news summaries for a media monitoring agency.
My girlfriend does that and other stuff for a major PR firm.

For some reason, it sounds like you both work in an episode of ALIAS.
Hee. We are an outsource provider for (among others) PR firms. So, yeah. That job.

It's more like Three Days of the Condor, really.
Wow. Talk about having source material for studies of human nature.
Most people are not like the people who make it onto the news.... thank God.

But then, "He was a nice person with an average career, who married someone he really loved. He remained faithful to her. They had three children, none of whom went into therapy. He died of a stroke at age 74." rarely makes for compelling reading in any medium, news or novel.
Actually, some of my favorite characters are very much like that. *g*
All right, I admit it, me too. But it does take a talented writer to make them anything other than "supporting characters".
My roommate (in Kiev) tried to justify it ("he ran from police, he might have been a bomber") and I pointed out the reports (BBC) said plainclothes.

They also said he was pinned to the ground.

And shot in the head.

In so many ways that bothers me (irrespective of his actually being a bomber, or not).

It makes things less safe. Not just in those moments when the London cops are shooting at people, but when real suicide bombers decide to avoid dying fruitlessly, and start using dead-man switches instead of active ones.

I'll probably be talking about this when I get all the way home.

But Britain dropped the ball, and the only good likely to come of it (we can hope) is the pointless nature of this man's death will make someone stop and look at the real security issues which need to be addressed, rather than falling for more loss of liberty, and mre cowboyism.

There isn't enough public outcry yet.
As usual, you said it better than I would.
Remember Amidou Diallo? NYPD put 19 bullets into him in the doorway of his appartment building one night. He reached for his wallet (presumably to show his ID) when cornered by the cops ... who were commanding "down", "freeze", etc. They put 41 slugs in the air when his wallet cleared his back pocket. Egregious. And also justified by Police brass as "split-second life-or-death decision making".

I realized last fall that the article the local PD ran in my suburban home-town paper on "how to behave when the Police pull you over" was the same article that the brotherhood of black officers in New York hand out under a heading that's something like "how to survive an encounter with the police."

The sad truth is that these sorts of tragedies are probably unavoidable given the nature of policing. It's just that when I make a mistake someone might loose their email for a while; when a cop screws up, someone gets killed. Sometimes, when the cop errs on the side of restraint, it's the cop who gets it. Not an excuse, just explanation.

I refer you to pecunium's recent entry on the mistakes made in this case.

I think this shooting was entirely avoidable, I'm afraid.
pecunium has some very keen observations.

Hopefully the soul-searching that this will provoke in the Metropolitain Police will lead to better procedures (e.g. tailing procedure that says "if you think he's a bomber, you stop him before he gets within 100m of a tube station"). Sounds lame, but it's really the only fix.

If the Met officers really did have the man pinned, then blasting him seems inexplicable. OTOH, American cops have shot people who were down on the ground being brought under control -- the suspect gets a hand free and the cop thinks that the suspect is going for a weapon -- some of those shootings are ruled to be righteous.

I wonder what the chances are of the Brits doing a better job of holding an open and fair inquiry?
The problem is that, as near as I can tell from the news reports, shooting them even if you have them down is *procedure.*

Because they might trigger a device. Or something. Apparently.

This whole thing just stinks.
This whole thing just stinks.