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I made it almost a month.

I was going to try to talk less about politics here, because really, nobody cares what I think about politics. And it's my day job.

But today, synchronicity demands notice, if not comment.


From the NYT, registration required:

Suicide Bomber Kills at least 25 in Baghdad Police Station

Death Toll Rises to at Least 90 in Bombings at Egyptian Resort

Britain Says Man Killed by Police Had No Tie to Bombings


Mike's Summer Daydream


Someone died on Friday morning. A lot of people celebrated that death, revelled in it, excused it, called for more exactly the same. katallen (a Brit)

I am never been so glad I am female, small, middle-class looking, and that I have very, very pale skin. Although come to think of it, if twenty big men started running towards me shouting things and brandishing guns, I might run too, so not even I can't feel a hundred percent safe. annafdd (an Italian)


I have no words today. I can only refer you to the words of others.

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