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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

So, as the icon probably reveals, I've finally sat down and slammed the entire Dr. Who 2005 ouvre. In 24 hours. I am, in fact, rather content. It's exactly like Dr. Who, if Dr. Who didn't suck. (And I say that as a fan.)

The Doctor, like the Devil, gets all the best lines.

Also, Barrowman is the unholy love child of John Travolta and Tim Curry. And I defy you to argue.

eta spoilers in comments!


I bribed a Canadian. *g*

Send me email with your mailing address. I'll see what I can do.
They're fun, aren't they? A couple of sleeper eps but taken as a whole I am just so bloody glad it's back! I watched the first episode with a huge ass grin the instant they played the theme. It was right.

Of course the past couple of weeks have been kind of disconcerting. Saturdays were devoted to getting the eps and now... we have to wait until December!!? NO FAIR!!!

*ahem* Here's hoping they release DVDs in the States.
DVDs are planned for November, as I understand it. *g*

Yeah, there were a couple of eps that were not as strong. But everything north of "Dalek," really, pretty much goddamned rocked.
One by one, I have seen my friendslist folks succumb to New Who. It's wonderful. So many people, with such different past experiences of Who, all enjoying the heck out of this fun, awesome series. Old School fans rediscovering a non-suck version of something they liked, youngsters being introduced to the bloke with the blue box...

It's great!

*dances joyously*
I just found out this weekend that we here in Canada won't be getting the 2nd season until December.:(Apparently some suit at CBC figured out that people were enjoying it...
You'd think after a 15 year hiatus,a few months would be a cakewalk,but such is not the nature of addiction.
The new season doesn't actually start until December. It's starting off with a Christmas episode. So you aren't alone. :)
I never liked Doctor Who; my older brother is mad on it and this meant for a pretty eventful childhood! So when it was re-created I was in two minds whether to watch it. In the end I did, because my partner also likes Doctor Who and I knew I'd never hear the end of it until I at least tried it. I think it was the episode with the Victorian alien/ghosts which converted me -- and yes, by the end of the season I was in tears.

Now all I have to do is manage to wait until a) the DVD release and b) season two. *grins*
Your thesis is borne out by the "Game show" episode.

Jack, smiling. "Ladies, your ratings just went up!"
"It's exactly like Dr. Who, if Dr. Who didn't suck. (And I say that as a fan.)"

Yes. Exactly. :) That was the exact sentiment I had been trying to get across to another old school fan, though much less eloquently.
I'm a Man from UNCLE fan. I like many things that kind of suck. As long as they make up for the suck in other ways.

Witty banter, for example. I'll put up with a lot of stupid for witty banter.
I've been watching them since they came out in the UK (BitTorrenting friends rock). And I've been incredibly impressed. I'd heard early on about the romance between the Doctor and Rose and I'd been a bit skeeved, but I thought that did a very good job with it. It wasn't too over the top so it didn't bother me as much as I was afraid it would.

I'm anxiously awaiting Christmas so I can see how Tarrant does in the role. From the little bit you see of him in "Parting of Ways", I'm thinking he'll do a good job.

And now a question - which episodes would you have to rank among your favorites for the series?
Overall I think the romance between Rose and the Doctor was handled with such a light tough that I couldn't see anything objectionable about it. At some point I may post a thought exersize about it, just because given his current circumstances I'd argue that it's actually in character for him right now.

Favorites of the series? "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," "Dalek," "The Parting of the Ways." All smart and moving episodes, cream of the crop.
The thing I find particularly lovely about the new Doctor Who is how much children seem to love it. I've heard from a lot of my pupils about how ace it is, and how scary, and how they have to have a special cushion to hide behind while they watch it. One little girl I teach actually took a bottle of vinegar to bed with her in case any Slitheen (sp?) turned up in the middle of the night...
*g* That's great.
Yep. I got the episodes from BitTorrenting friends, too. Some of the episodes were more "miss" than "hit", but there was just too much good stuff in it for me to complain. And when (and if) the DVDs hit the states, I'm running out to the store and buying them as fast as my legs can carry me!

Favorite episodes for me: "Dalek", "The Doctor Dances" and "Father's Day".

Geez. It's been about a month since I watched 'em, and I *still* get goosebumps when I think about the last episode... :-)
And let us not forget the new toys!


The short form is, it's a British SF TV show about this powerful alien guy who travels time in a police call box, and occasionally gets killed and then reincarnated, and his various human pets ("companions").

He's been played by many, many actors over the years. (Thus the resurrection trick). I started watching it when the Tom Baker years were on PBS when I was growing up. *g* It's traditionally very camp, low budget, and a bit silly, but with some fabulousity all its own. I'm not, personally, sucha hardcore fan (there's tons of it that I haven't seen) but it's a chunk of my childhood TV experience and I loved it.

And the new season was not so camp, not so low budget, and still with fabulousity.

Oldest franchise on television, I think.
Also, Barrowman is the unholy love child of John Travolta and Tim Curry. And I defy you to argue.

No argument here. That's hilarious--and I totally agree! :grin::

Welcome to the community! I only got here a few months before you did, but it's a lovely place and all the counches are quite comfy. They'll have to be, given we have to wait until &%#!$@** December for new Who.
..okay, what's the text on your icon? It's too small to read.
Captain Jack has his good points.

With him around, I can tolerate the Doctor, pretend Rose is a poorly-written one-episode-wonder, and marvel at a balck leather trenchcoat that I swear was snurched off the set of Farscape. He's an old-school Who character; you can imagine him being written (okay, perhaps slightly differently) by Robert Holmes.

Otherwise, the series is beyond my capacity to endure.
*g* have we yet to find a single media property on which we agree?