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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

I just collected a urine sample from a mastiff. Anybody got a live frog, as long as it's still first thing in the morning?

In other news, am I allowed to be neurotic about the Campbell award yet? Or am I still supposed to be pretending I haven't noticed?


My vet once told me (with a straight-face, mind you) to put drops in my hedgehog's ears 3x a day. You may have spotted the obvious flaw in this plan: if a hedgehog does not want drops in its ears, there is no way you are going to be able to put them there.

Good luck with the dog urine and the Campbell award.

As for the frog

I offer you this: http://lostfrog.org/

Re: As for the frog

That is so wonderful that I have posted it in my lj - thank you!
Yes, you're allowed to neurose about the award; just do it discreetly. (Neurosing loudly builds up a little bit of resentment among those folks who haven't been nominated.)

NB: Good luck! (And if you think you're the only one who's wound up, look at my predicament ...)
Tell you what. I'll neurose about your nominations, and you can neurose about mine....

And we can pretend we haven't noticed our own.

At least it's early this year.

Re: Campbell Awards

Ahh. It's good to know the customs of the tribe.

Thank you.
Remember this: even if you don't win (and it's a crap shoot--who's voting, what's their mood, etc) a whole lot of people are still going to come up to you and tell you why you should have. So wear a smashing outfit, and have a splendid evening whether they chance to call your name or not. You will be celebrated!

Alas, I don't get to go. *g* Anne will be accepting for me, if I win.

Just as well, because I photograph terribly. (Either that, or I'm extremely ugly. I prefer to think it's the photographs. *g*)
Sorry Bear, you're required to pretend you're not neurotic, that "it's just an honor to be nominated" right up until you win the thing.

And then you're supposed to be all humble-but-thrilled-of-course. :-)

The rules are very simple: remain cool at all times.

(Now if only I someday get a chance to put this plan into action...)
This presumes a certain amount of "winning" that may be getting ahead of ourselves. *g*
When I was first nominated for the Hugo and the Campbell, back in 1996, Susan Shwartz told me this joke:

Q: How many Hugo nominees does it take to change a light bulb?
A: It's an honor just to be allowed near light bulbs.

You've earned your neurosis. Enjoy it.
Hee. Thank you.
Urine samples? How interesting. You have someone who tastes it to see if your dog is healing? That's so... medicaster/mountebank!
You're allowed to be neurotic over the Net, in a discreet manner, or to close friends and family. In public, you're supposed to have the smile of the Sphinx.

Personally, I've always thought that all major cons should have an Award Nominees Designated Freak-Out Room, containing large fluffy pillows to rip into shreds, a dartboard with head-shots of every single person nominated (strict turn-taking observed), and several tons of quality chocolate. After the award, everyone but the winner hauls off the excess chocolate; winner is assumed not to need it.