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via kelliem & silme, a new poem from Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Mothers and Motherlands can be diverse.
But in the times of war and terror
what can unite us today or tomorrow?
Our common Motherland -


Last night, on a trek across the barren wastelands of North Las Vegas, I talked with kit_kindred a bit about Carnival, and that, couple with truepenny and katallen listening to me moan and thrash, may have started to kick a few things loose.

I figured out in part that I'm stuck because I was maneuvering towards a subplot that is, on second thought, really stupid. So out that goes. And that takes an unsightly bump off the structure and gives it a much smoother line, so that can only help, right?

What's problematic for me with this book is that the politics, intrigue, relationships, and philosophies are so complicated--nevermind the science--that I think I need to restrain myself from the urge to overcomplicate the plot. This sucker is a mass of spinning plates. I don't dare let it overbalance.

I think I'm sitting here staring at it for a number of reasons. One was, of course, being blocked by that dumb subplot. Another is that I need to regain my passion for it, I need to start caring about this book again. I'm still worn out from Whiskey & Water.

I should know by now how this works. I write the book, and it takes it out of me. Sometimes for as long as a month or two. The brain needs time to recharge. And I have got a short story, a novelette, and an article I could be writing, if I got any ambition.

Which I still have not got. I spent last night reading warren_ellis's The Authority and the new Grimjack limited series, "Killer Instinct." And then I went back to Greg Rucka.

And I'm at work right now, and obviously just *swimming* in ambition.
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