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I don't usually remember my dreams at all.

Las night, I dreamed about zdashamber singing a song that seemed very familiar, but in the morning, I can't be sure it wasn't a combination of "American Tune," "The City of New Orleans," and "The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down."

Actually, googling around, I also think some of the lyrics might also have something to do with this Fay Lovsky song, but I can't imagine where I might have heard it. But the two snatches of lyrics I clearly remember are "So I took the A train, DA dee dee DA dee duummmmm...") (where the scat is non-remembered lyrical syllables) and "I've got a four o'clock in America." Which I think also referred to a train.

Actually, I think the whole song was about trains.

She was singing well.

Wish I remembered how to write music. Maybe somebody would recognize the tune.
Tags: bavarian babushkas, music, trains
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